Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my favourite things: cowls & scarves

My creation

gorgeous neckwear by:

it's true.
i'm not much of a shopper.

but if there is one thing that i'm especially addicted to, fashion-wise, it's scarves. scarves and cowls and neck-warmers.

i LOVE them.
i have quite an obsessive collection of scarves, if i do say so myself. a scarf if OFTEN the souvenir i bring home for myself from a trip or adventure. i love scarves. is it weird to love an accessory?

i wear them all the time.

bright + lovely springtime scarves.
dangly summer scarves.
wrap-around autumny scarves.

but my very fave would be warm, wooly winter scarves.

it wasn't even a surprise to anyone at my autumny wedding that i wore a scarf to the ceremony. i guess that's a sign that i'm addicted, and that everyone knows my scarfly weakness!
:) mmm.... and i love men in scarves! yay!

scarves are certainly one of the best parts of winter!
so as the snow flies fast and furious here today, let's bundle up with one of my very favourite things.

stay warm, nicies!

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  1. Your choices are great! Thank you for featuring my neckwarmer from 'LoveandKnit'

  2. What a great thing to wake up to! Thank you, rikrak. :-)
    I'm the same with scarves: many, many.......they keep me warm, beautiful, interesting, colourful or 'just' fabulously dressed.


  3. thank you very much for featuring mine :) I'm very honored:=) Wish I owned such a wide collection of them as you are presenting!

  4. Awww, thank you SO much for featuring my cowl on your blog, you totally rock! Have a very Merry Christmas my friend!!


  5. No, it's not wierd. I love scarves, too! It is one of the positives of having moved to a cold clime - I wear them lots so now I don't have to feel bad about having so many :)

  6. Love this!

  7. What a stunning collection!!! Thanks a lot for featuring!

    vart / Vaida

  8. scarfes, neckties, neckwarmers, collars... I love'em!!!
    they are just the most perfect accessoires to make up any outfit.

    thank you for featuring my necktie!


  9. I also love scarves and cowls...They have been some of my best selling items this season in my shop and my NY Home Show. Just holding them while I am knitting or crocheting is a cozy feeling. One of the reasons I love can treat yourself to cozy..lots of cozy ;-)

  10. Thank you so much, K, for including Winter Lilacs in your wonderful and cozy collection! I'm rather partial to scarves, neckwarmers and cowls myself ;) and love everything here. Happy holidays! xoxo

  11. I too have a collection of scarves. Hey, I live in the Windy City - they're absolutely essential!

    This group is just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Awesome items – they look fabulous! I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling them on Etsy!

  13. yay! so glad i'm not alone in my scarfly & cowly addiction, nicies!


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