Monday, July 19, 2010


home sweet home
as long as you are here with me,
this will feel like home

home is where the heart is
let's stay home


we're home, nicies!
thanks for all of the well wishes.
the move was filled with fun adventures {& mis-adventures!} , great friends and family helping all around, safe travels and funny-nutso-ness that will make for great memories & laughs down-the-road! :)

i've been thinking so much on the idea of *home* of late.
home is many splendored thing, indeed.
i feel so fortunate to have a safe, happy, loving place to call home. we're so lucky for that.

thought some great art might say it best.

and i'll see you tomorrow for some
happy congratulations/winning names,
and fun new goodness.

til then...
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woohoo home!

what says *home* for you?


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  1. My dad and I were just talking about the meaning of "home" yesterday...

    I don't feel like I have a home right now. I live in the house I spent a lot of my childhood in, but my parents live elsewhere now, so without them it doesn't feel like home. Dad assures me that I'll have a sense of home again someday, when I'm married and have children. I certainly hope so.

    I'm glad the move went well, and I hope you enjoy your new HOME!

  2. I just moved too! Isn't it a relief to have all of those boxes safely from one place to another?

    Home to me is a bed that is made to look so comfy that all you want to do is crawl into it!

  3. Thank you so much for including my art in this perfect collection, and congrats on your new home! :)

    Kristi- I think for you the phrase "home is where your heart is" would fit! :) I also believe your heart can be in more then one home. ;)

  4. so glad you arrived safe and sound! (yes, i still have to e-mail you some progress on the homework :) )
    home, to me, is wherever my husband & toothbrush are or wherever my mom is. period.

  5. Welcome home! I've been thinking of moving lately...might be just me needing a change of scenery though. Should probably move some furniture around & see if that does he trick rather than moving the whole load :)

  6. "A house is built with boards of beams. A home is built with love and dreams." I think this quote describes perfectly what a home is. I love it so much I had to put it on a set of pillows as a wedding gift!

  7. being together with my boys

  8. We are moving next month and I always say it doesn't matter where you live it's the memories you create there that make it a home. -
    Congrats on the move!

  9. Oh man I'm already in RR withdrawal!!

    Home is where the heart is for me, too. As long as I'm with my boys, I feel at home.

    Miss you!

  10. thank you so much for including my wreath.

    after our big move two years ago, i was inspired for my "home is where you are" series.


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