Thursday, July 22, 2010

slumber party { part 13 } : who are your top 3 beach party dates?

vintage postcard via Savannahsmiles4U

don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! join us! you can catchup with some of our other slumber party fun here: and for today's party question: who are your top 3 beach party dates?

tomorrow i'm having a beach party!

can't wait to see you all there!
tune in to see the beautiful handmade outfits everyone's decided to wear. but today, i wanna know: who's your celebrity date to our beach party?

only rule:
---> they have to be at least a little bit famous. sorry - real hubbies or wives or girlfriends or boyfriends need not apply!

so think: which of your celebrity crushes would be the funnest to invite?
who would you love to spend a beach party day {frolicking in the sand & waves!} & night { think bonfire cuddling! } with?

{shhhh.. don't tell mr.rikrak! :) }


george clooney
i'll take george for quiet walks & talks along the shore. we'll chat about humanitarian efforts & laugh laugh laugh as the sun sets!

i blush just thinking of it!

i think george would love to attend with sand n' surf on the itinerary: we know he loves his lake-side villa in italy and i see yachting photos of him all the time in cyber world.

in fact, here's a photo of him arriving just now by boat for all of our beach party fun!

did i mention... *swoon*?


young robert redford
ah, my quintessential california coast boy.

i think he'll likely arrive for our beach party galloping down the beachy shore on a horse, and he'll be perfect for building the bonfires, and fun evening chats about film festivals, the world. you know.... anything....

good heavens!


josh holloway
heck - he survived & thrived on a beach for years on the show lost as james *sawyer* ford.

so i think he'll be a perfect beach party date!

and just incase any scary beach party mishaps arise (like those thugs from the original karate kid movie showing up to fight ralph macchio on motorbikes!) we'll all feel safe with him protecting us!



okay! so i've confessed!

there are my choices for top 3 beach party dates!

now... let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips, crank up the *beach boys*, put another log on the beach-side bonfire, giggle & whisper and hear yours! can't wait!

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  1. 1. Edward Norton
    2. Naveen Andrews
    3. liam neeson

    My favorite is Ed so if I could put him 3 times I would!

  2. oh man! this blog is seriously SWOON worthy!

  3. I would definitely agree with your #1. The more I watch the Oceans movies, the more I drool over George Clooney.

    I think my 2 & 3 would be different though:

    2. Bradley Cooper. I don't know what it is about him, but I just think he's so attractive!
    3. Ed Westwick. I can't resist! haha

  4. Hilarious!

    I'm not at all surprised by your list and I'll take one of each as well!

    I'd add:
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Bradley Cooper
    3. Robert Pattinson!

  5. perfect, ladies.
    this way we can share the cuteboy wealth!

    and yes to that liam neeson, pamwares, if you don't mind sharing! :)

    thanks nikolina!

    and me too, kristi.
    me too!

    you're hilarious with your robert pattison, lori. so glad your smitten (bitten? :)

  6. Oh this is easy! My husband already knows that it's over if any of these guys were to come into my life lol.

    1. Ryan Reynolds (YUM I don't need to say more)
    2. Tom Hanks (Yeah I know a little weird but I have had a crush on him since I was 3 and watched Splash a billion times)
    3. Matthew McConaughey (He already has the prefect beach body)

  7. If I MUST invite handsome celebrities ;> I'll choose

    1. George Clooney (mind sharing?)
    2. Ryan Reynolds
    3. Ellen (my girl crush - she'd be so FUN!)

    See you there.

    RR: How goes the unpacking?

  8. mrs rikrak....if I may. I will share Liam but not Ed! And I do love Johnny Depp too....

  9. glad to hear you and mr. itchin' have that marriage clause, nicey! :)

    and no -i don't mind sharing, monique! :)

    good to know, pamwares! good to know!

  10. i agree with josh holloway, and i'd have to include tome cruise and val kilmer circa top gun!!

  11. I was never the gal to crush on stars, until a few years ago (maybe more than a few now) when I saw the first X-men movies and fell in love with the hot, hot, hotness of

    1. Hugh Jackman

    I am only choosing one, because he is my one and only and I expect him to be in love with me if we are going to spend the day at the beach together!!!! Ohhh I am grinning like a schoolgirl!

  12. Mmmmm, may I swoon with you as well? Lovely choices! May I please add:

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Robert Pattinson
    3. Ryan Reynolds

    I'll also take one of each of what the other ladies are having, can never have too much hotness on the beach:)

  13. oh alex! great choices!
    i'm glad i'm not the only circa top gun fan of those cuties! :)

    and marci girl: i grin just thinking of YOU grinning!

    love it!

  14. Oohhh this is hard. OK. I've made my decision.

    1) Josh Holloway
    2) Scarlett Johannsen
    3) Alexander Skarsgard

  15. oh luv2have: i think there might be a tussle for those cutie boys on your list! love it! and good idea about taking one of each!

    and lauren: yes. these BIG decisions in life are hard, aren't they :)

    well done, nicies!
    so much cuteness! i'm grinning grinning grinning!

  16. I'm with you on George.... Sigh. Number Two for me would be the young Spencer Tracy - I was crazy about him when I was a teenager, even though he was older than my father at that time....Number three, Davy Jones of the Monkess. I've never gotten over his cuteness....

  17. Can I share all of your choices? yummy!!
    For us English girls how about Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth and a dash of Daniel Craig (just in case theres any trouble)

  18. mmmm, I love this party!

    1) George Clooney
    2) Javier Bardem (mmmmmmm!)
    3) Russel Crowe

    It seems that I like guys who have a stronger body - you know, something to grab :-)


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