Friday, July 23, 2010

revealed: your * beach party * looks!

Max & Chichi is a bathing beauty in
her DearGoldenVintage + PranceAndSwagger


ZoeChen looks ready to frolick in the sand wearing
her own gorgeous skirt +

tangente sizzles in dirtycityvintage + WildWomanJewelry

sara sports the beautiful FablesbyBarrie + Sara Thomas Designs
& monica chose the same fabulous bikini +


lori's looking smashing in her cool starletvintage + lizhutnick

Sarah B. looks sunny in her oneaviandaemon + ikabags

welcome welcome, beach party pals!
snag some sand for your beach chair or blanket, and let's hit the waves!

last week i invited each of you to show me your gorgeous handmade or vintage * beach party * looks, choose a beautiful accessory to go with it, and join me for
a lovely little party by the sea!

and what gorgeous responses!
you all look just peachy!

thanks so much to everyone who answered the call.
and while i couldn't include photos of how fantastic we ALL looked, i thought you might like a peek at how some of our favourite handmakers look for the party!

so tell us who your cute celebrity dates are over here,
don't forget to enter my funfun etsy mini giveaway, too {& add YOUR shop to the fun!}
over 175+ shops participating so far!

have a great weekend in the sun!
{and i'll post the winner of the july sponsors' giveaway monday! sorry - a bit behind here today!}

race ya to the water, nicies!

what's your favourite part of a beach party?
i'd love to hear!



ishkabibbles looks just beachy in her own creations:
dress & earrings


PuaWear looks breezily lovely in her own sarong + backpack


faith is lovely in her aftershowershop +
sitting under this irenesuchocki delight


JannysGirl looks cool as a cucumber in this fresh
prettypanda + FormedByDesign

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  1. How lovely! Beautiful match and perfect colors!
    Thank you for including my Mint scarf. Jannysgirl is awesome and you made my day!

  2. Thanks RR!
    Together with our "dates" I know it'll be a rad beach party! ;>

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. My favorite part may just be taking naps on the beach. After a long day of playing in the water, some beach volleyball, and just general running around there is nothing more relaxing and calming than falling asleep with your toes in the sand and with the waves in the background. :) Love it!


  4. thanks so much, prettypanda!

    and yay lori!

    red bungalow: i'm with ya!
    the inconspicuous sound of those lapping waves as the soundtrack is my fave part, too!

  5. love it all, and it's befitting since i am headed to the beach right now for the weekend! :)

    thank you for including my bikini!

  6. Oh my goodness I wish I was riding the waves right now...for now, I'll just dream of the sand and the slapping of the waves on the beach...

    Thanks for including my vintage bathing suit!

  7. What a lovely collection of items. Thank-you to JannysGirl for nominating my necklace, and to rikrak for including it!

    Cheers, Karyn

  8. i LOVE THAT YELLOW DRESS! such pretty picks!

  9. This all looks so enticing! Thanks for the inspiring beach beauty and for letting my sarong and backpack join the party!

  10. Awesome collection !
    Love love love it !

    Many thanks for my Stockholm bags

    Happy summer and happy shopping all handmade lover!

    Happy mother Feyza

  11. Oh my God! I LOVE the Wizard of Oz skirt!!!

  12. I have a secret: I hate the beach, but maybe I wold live it more if it came with that faboo ZoeChen skirt - love it!

  13. I have wonderful memories of walking on the beach on the Texas coast picking up sand dollars and the cool waters and warm sand. How I miss those days:) Love all the clothing and accessories chosen, just beautiful!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!