Thursday, July 8, 2010

.... 78

holy moley wet banana, nicies!

it's hot hot hot here in ottawa, so i hope where'er you may be that you're stayin' cool, nicies!

thanks to everyone who entered the fabulous red marionette giveaway. chose lucky #78 for us... wolf! check out wolf's gorgeous gorgeous blog chock-full of delightful photos and images. it's like a little mini-vacation on your screen!

it's the perfect wee little getaway!

so congrats, wolf! can't wait to hear what you'll choose for yourself!

and nicies:
2 other great giveaways you can still enter here this week on the blog:

--> WIN my DIY craft supplies pack.
--> WIN the july sponsors giveaway shopping spree!

woohoo to that!

might as well WIN something in this heat!

stay cool.
and i'll be back in a few minutes with a gorgeous collection to feast your eyes on!
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