Friday, July 2, 2010

party time!

a little handmade red white + blue!

goodgirlsstudio + ThePoshEvent + kissadesign
manvsgeorge + hotellemotelle + SimpleTastes
thevintagetreehouse + MySillyBear + lorkey1981


let's light up the sky with those fabulous fireworks!

& dance up a storm at our summertime picnics!
hap-hap-happy 4th of july to all of those lovely neighbours of ours in the wonderful USA this weekend!

hope it's a time of great celebration for you all!
what do you have planned, nicies?

and see you all monday when the celebrations, as always, continue!


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  1. I love your red, white, and blue finds!

    We are planning a quiet weekend at home--it's been a busy summer and the rest will be so nice!

  2. Happy July 4th to all our friends in the USA, too!

    Sorry I missed you kids at the fireworks last night, K!

    Saw Erin this morning and heard they were great. Have a fun weekend!!

  3. YAY! I can hardly wait to get off work today and start celebrating!

  4. thank for including my necklace in your celebration! Happy 4th of July to you!

  5. Thanks for the wishes for the US!
    Here's wishing everyone a safe, fun, and blessed 4th of July weekend! :)

  6. yay!
    happy celebrating, nicies!
    love reading all of the wonderful, different styles o celebrating!

    and yes, lori! they were AMAZING! little rikrak was in awe! :)
    (me too!)

  7. Oh, I love the urchins! What pretty finds! Parade and fireworks show with friends for us! I can't wait - one of my favorite holidays!


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