Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my pretend home: {element 2} the conversation pit

eero saarinen's amazing miller house conversation pit
via high steel heels


paul rudolph's milam residence via ouno

this house is FOR SALE!
snatch it up!
12 dolphin cove, olivers hill, australia
via aqua real estate.


geodesic dome via jules & nicho


the edersheim apartment, designed by paul rudolph
via kelviin


groovy conversation pit from the set of the film
down with love


fab design tips from *house and garden's
complete guide to interior design 1981*
via jlemmers


love it! from the *practical encyclopedia
of good decorating and home improvement*
via sandiv999


it may be all this packing for our move {thanks for all of your kind kind well wishes, nicies!} , all those lego fantasy homes i build these days or my happy chance to work-from-home every day, but gosh i could day-dream away a week or two designing my dream home in my mind! so here's a fun new feature on the blog: my pretend home. each installment focusing on a fun designerly element i adore.

so far we've got
{element 1} : the glass wall!

and today...
{element 2}: the conversation pit!

i'd love to hear an element from your pretend home, too!
yay daydreamin'!


for me, a home is all about the great ideas, conversations, sharings and laughs inspired within!


so my pretend house would definitely need to include some great spaces for funfun visiting, and i can't think of a better house element then that iconic 50's & 60's classic: the conversation pit! even the definition thrills me: {from dictionary.com: "a usually sunken portion of a room or living area with chairs, sofas, etc., often grouped around a (central space) or fireplace, where people can gather to talk!." ah yes... a home element designed for fun visiting!

featured in housing design around the world for many eras previous, and then lovingly reinvented as the sunken living room, a seating platform, inside or outside the home, in the late 1950's/ early 960's , i love the many variations on a theme i've seen over the years. and i've rounded up a few for your glimpsing today!

wouldn't a conversation pit be great fun?
just think of the fun visiting possibilities!
aren't some of these hilariously delightful?

there... now i've got my glass wall up, and a conversation pit smack-dab in the middle of one of the rooms!
how 'bout you?

play along!
what's one element you'd love in your dream home?


fabulously handmade pillow pit in
Amsterdam via apartment therapy


love the view! via baliboro


*teen converstaion pit* magazine scan by smallritual


michel ducaroy's togo collection for ligne roset


bruno bondanelli design. design x group


so refreshingly gorgeous outside via houzz


the hughes/van tamelen residence
by aaron green associates via houzz


retro vibe by roger hirsch architect via houzz


love love love this modern
look via archinspire

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  1. I just love the words "conversation" and "pit" together. That makes me happy.

  2. Love it!

    My best friend in grade school had a sunken living room and it was the coolest.

    I'd love to have an indoor pool today in my dream home!

  3. How incredibly fun!! I'd love to have this feature in my own house :)

  4. oh me too, banana & marcie, me too! :)

    yay to fun homes, sarah! :)

  5. i went to a highscool that had a pit! It was just that - a circuar conversation centre with upholdered bench seating, circular ramp going to the above level where you could stand around the top, against a concrete railing looking down. a glass dome covered it all. I spent many days hanging in the pit with my friends.

    thanks for the memory!

  6. Love these! They remind me a lot of the Moroccan salons. They line the entire room with their fraishe (Moroccan couch) and when they have big parties everyone sits around and chit chats. We saved part of ours and plan to use it behind our dining room table. Everyone likes it because it's very loungey.

  7. These are some stunning home feature ideas! Good luck with your move :)

  8. great post! I have an interior courtyard in my dream home! Not sure that is practical in Colorado though.

  9. oh gosh, leel, that'd be so fun!

    oh i love the loungey-ness of your upcoming dining area, nicey! i'm free anytime for dinner! :)

    thanks charlotte & janssen!

  10. I love the conversation pit! So very Mary Tyler Moore! Remember her apartment?

  11. Love this! I'm with BananaSaurusRex; it's totally hilarious that they use the word "pit"! But, really, it's an awesome design element to have. I think my favorite modern one is the outdoor area with the bamboo in the background. It looks so cozy and inviting.

    My favorite dream home element is a courtyard open to the outside. Sigh...

  12. How retro! Didn't that style go out of style in the 80s? Too closed in for me...

  13. ah yes - i do love everything mary tyler moore, maria! agreed! thanks for the reminder!

    and i love your courtyard, brittany!

    and sadly, yes, kathy, it did.... *sigh*

  14. I, too, think "conversation pit" is so hilarious!

    I would love one of these, too.
    Maybe the one with the pool outside. That's gorgeous! Another groovy post!

  15. The fist home I ever fell in love with was on a house tour with my mom when I was little. It was in Connecticut and they had round doors and all the rooms were sunken - the living room was a pit around the fireplace, the dining room was sunken next to sliding glass doors that led to a patio - to this day I was always try to remember the exact location of the home. Thanks for brining me back to it today with your blog!

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