Friday, July 30, 2010

caribana : the handmade parade


handmade costumes come alive here in toronto
this weekend for the fabulous Caribana festival.

ever been to a fun costumed street parade?
i think i'd go in peacock blue & red!

what would your dream costume look like?

what's your favourite costume you've ever made/worn?

have a most vivid weekend, lovelies!



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  1. These are beautiful costumes!

    My favorite outfit was one my mom made me in high school. My friend and I went as Raggedy Ann & Andy. I wish I could still fit in it!

  2. ooh! i bet it was so sweet, josie!

    one of my faves was a fun garbage bag transformed into a christmas tree-dress! just add tinsel and felt ornaments!

    (and a star on my head, :)

  3. Beautiful! I was active in drama in HS and i loved being able to wear costumes and playing the role of someone else.

  4. Wow that looks like fun! I don't remember any favorite costumes...i didn't really ever dress up for anything. I think I had a Wonder Woman costume at one point though.

  5. I came across a street parade while on holiday in London. It was a grey day and the colours were an assault on my eyes (in a good way)
    My favorite costume was a pantomime Prince Charming for my 30th birthday party.


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