Friday, July 9, 2010

what i'm working on: corporate stockings in july :)

as we all slowly melt in this scorching heat, i'm happy to say that what i'm working on these days are some fun-n'-early 2010 holiday eco-felt customized corporate stocking orders.

fun, huh?

yes - it's the beginning of july and i'm delighted that various nicey big-name corporate clients from last year's ordering, (you can see some of that work here), & a couple of great great new snazzy corporations have asked early for custom stocking designs!
yay to holiday-ing all year round!

ah.... it's never too early to celebrate!

so yay to big-name corporations hiring handmaking designers to create their goodies!
and happy Christmas in july!

{and just incase you're interested in your own personal eco stockings, come visit my rikrak shop for the buy 3 stockings, get the 4th free early bird deal - on now!}

what are you working on, nicies?
i'd love to hear!

have a most productive weekend!

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  1. Melting is right!!!!!
    Hope you're all staying cool, RR!

    I'm working on a press release for a client but think I'll take an iced-coffee break instead! Sorry, no photos of it! LOL! ;>

    Have a great weekend and congrats on all of your impressive clients. Glad there's some wisdom in those BIG companies to hire you!

  2. Congrats on all the big orders! That's so wonderful that large companies are seeing the value in handmade. Excellent!

    Today I'm working on finishing wallpapering my office and then *fingers crossed* putting everything back in it's place!

  3. Your stockings are so adorable!

    Today I'm working on finally cleaning the house now that the humidity has broken. Nothing like pending house guests to get the house cleaned! *lol*

  4. thanks lovelies!

    hope it goes wonderfully, lori!

    and happy wallpapering, kayanna! can't wait to see it!

    and i'm with ya, rj! :) happy getting ready!

  5. Love the stockings! That's so wonderful that places are commissioning them from you.

    Today I've been working on a plan to make my blog more interesting :) It's coming along pretty well so far!

  6. These are really lovely!!
    I'm so happy to hear that they do order handmade from small business crafters/designers/artists (whatever the titles, lol).

    As for me, I'm working on new products coming out in August..I'm excited!


  7. Ooh the white ones are way pretty!
    Congrats on your orders!

    I don't know what I'm up to this weekend yet.. perhaps a small companion drawing to match my little Sybil and creature friends.

    A crafting break sounds tempting however, I will admit.. but this post makes me want to start my holiday crafting too!

  8. It's funny you should post about this! I was just telling the boy that Christmas is five months away, and secretly freaked out! Oh my...five months is like five weeks lately! Love your stockings, always have, always will, they are brilliant. Yay for corporate clients!

  9. These are lovely! Congrats on the early orders (And especially from larger companies!)


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