Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my favourite things: my brother

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today's a very special day on the rikrak calendar!
it's my dear brother's birthday!

i'm a lucky sister.

i have this wonderful, fun, generous, kind, most hilarious, creative power-house (six-string sweetheart is the perfect wednesday pick-me- up!), brilliant, super-gregarious, thoughtful brother who i just love & adore.

he inspires me to think great things, be a more loving person, and to embrace hard times with grace and understanding. he would be just the kind of brother i would craft for myself if i could. he's fabulous. he really really is.

too many times to count he has helped me see the other sides of things i thought were most certainly *this way* or *that way*, turned my day around with a cheery call or note, and brought me to happy tears laughing deep and healing belly laughs with his adorable antics.

he's also the gosh-darn best uncle ever to our little rikrak. and that's just a whole new level of praise for him. thanks, sweetie.

i confess:
i haven't always been the best sister to that little brother of mine {insert younger years recollections here: me as mrs. bossypants. him as poor victim to my dictatorship.} but i'm delighted beyond words we've become the best of friends as adults.

so happy birthday, dearest brother!

you're the best.

have a great brother?
what do you especially love about him?!
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  1. Sounds like the whole RR family is super!!

    I have 3 brothers. They're all uniquely super, too.

    It is nice how sibling relationships grow as we age.

    Happy Birthday to your brother.

  2. thanks, josie!
    it is great.

    and 3 brothers! wow - they're lucky to have you as their sister, nicey!

  3. I don't know what to say.
    Cryin' like a baby over here.
    Thanks so much...
    And you weren't bossy, you were just 'helping me find direction.'

  4. What a sweet ode to your brother! Happy birthday to him! He sounds like quite the catch ;)

  5. All hail brother RikRak! And, yes, he is super!

  6. That's sweet. I hope he has a good birthday!

  7. As a sister to three brothers (like Josie) and with one who's celebrating his birthday today as well (like K), I'm compelled to say a little something as well. There were times when I pined for a sister -- someone who had been there and done that in so many girl-related issues. Mostly, however, I loved being the only girl, and with three amazing, sensitive brothers, I am the luckiest kid in the family. Happy b-day to my brother and yours!

  8. Awww! That's such a sweet post. My brother's birthday is today too! We don't have quite the same bond that the two of you have though. But I have to say, my brother is very protective - in a good way. It made me feel like someone was watching out for me way back when I was in high school. Happy Birthday to our bros!

  9. What a lovely post! You're brother is lucky to have you!

    I'm brother-less (but) I always wanted one... 21 years later and I still ask my mom and dad for a little brother... :)

  10. aw, what a bunch of nicies!

    d. = love :) and yes, so glad my bossy-ness could help with direction-ing! :)

    he was a great catch, good girls studio! he's been *caught* by another superstar, too! yay love!

    hi mr. rikrak:)

    that's so fun, crafterall & elisa that our brothers all share the same birthday! crazy fun! i guess brothers born on this day have superfun creative sisters like you 2! love it!

    thanks for all of the kind words,all you nicies! he is the best!

  11. "Mrs. Bossypants"

    Love that!!!!

    I was more like Mrs.Tattletale on my brother. he WAS very bad, mind you! Happy birthday Rikrak brother. You've got a great sister, that's for sure!!!

  12. I love reading posts like this! : ) You are so lucky to have such an awesome brother! He sounds like such a great guy.

    I have 4 brothers and can totally relate to all of those things you're talking about. I can remember getting in the biggest fights with my younger brother, and we're best friends now that we are older. I am so blessed to have my brothers in my life, they are all so amazing!

  13. What a lovely post!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your fabulous brother!

  14. Thanks for sharing these beautiful sentiments about your brother.
    Very touching.
    How lucky you both are!

  15. What a sweet post! Isn't it terrfic that how you interact with siblings and parents gets better as you get older? Cheers!


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