Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 days & counting...



remember last summer when i confessed that i'd been eating fresh corn on the cob for 9 days straight... well it's another obsessive food marathon here this summer.

in july, it's always an *all you can eat CHERRY bonanza!* .... i don't know about you, but here @ the rikrak home we're obsessive. oh heavens... about so very many things, really!

like with our food... sometimes we just get on a kick.
and then we eat the same food, everyday, at least once a day, for a week!
or more!
that's where we're at right now with cherries!

there's delightfully cherries cherries everywhere from every farmer's vegetable stand on every corner these days here in southern ontario...
and now we've had yummy sweet cherries for 10 days straight!

anyone else crazy like us?
soon enough, fabulous fresh cherries will be a distant memory.
so i'll obsess while i can.

food obsessive like me?
about what?




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  1. Oh yeah, and I'm not even getting tired of them. I don't even want to bake or cook with them, just eat them.

  2. Me too, EG! It's a race to see who will eat them all first at our place!!!

  3. Oh goodness those look delicious! The only time I've had good cherries was in California...my aunt picked them for us. I haven't found any where I live...

    I've been obsessing over the milk from the local dairy farmers! The best thing is that I can get it year round!

  4. Ohhh cherries, love them. We don't get many good ones around here, but what I love are sugar snap peas right from the garden. I never get to freeze them because we all sit around eating them as soon as they're picked. It's not unusual to find my wee ones out in the garden stealing a little snack.

  5. nearly everything that's in season..
    peaches at the moment, as well as watermelon.. every day.
    hopefully i'll have enough peaches for a pie.

  6. YUM!
    so glad i'm not alone :)
    yum to fresh milk and fresh peaches and fresh milk, too.


  7. We are a little food obsessed in our home too - I made chicken so much in one week that when I told my kids we were having chicken for dinner there was a total melt down.
    Right now the kids are obsessed with the cherry tomatoes from the garden - we had tomato sandwiches for lunch yesterday.

  8. So right now I have a fridge full of

    1) The last part of 5 lbs of blueberries
    2) A handful of Michigan Cherries
    3) Half a carton of nectarines.
    4) Half a bunch of bananas
    5) 3/4 of a bunch of grapes
    6) Fresh onions from a farmer's market and my parent's garden
    7) Fresh broccoli from my parent's neighbor...

    If I eat any more fruit I am going to be sick - I've had to limit my intake...

  9. Certainly fresh Indiana sweet corn... and really cold watermelon... and popcorn in any format.

  10. AWESOME! I am so glad that someone else goes food crazy this time of year! You have to pig out on the yummies while they're there! For my husband and I, it's corn on the cob right now. We are a little out of control with it. But it tastes amazing, and is only around for a short time so i don't feel bad =)

  11. if you ever get the chance to try Rainier cherries, DO! They are amazing!

  12. I just found your blog! I love it & I got lost for almost an hour between blog & etsy shop & articles...

    Thx for the inspiration. I will be visiting very soon.

    Have a good nite. =)

  13. We love cherries in our house! Thankfully its now british cherry season and even our little tree has produced some fruit this year.

    Just discovered your blog via Everything Etsy. Now looking forward to following!

    Take care

  14. oh! Cherries! Kirschen!! love them too!!! sweet or sour.. sour for cakes and sweets, sweet ones to eat directly! we have a big bown on the fridge since a week, eating them not compulsive but slowly. Remembering the stories of my husband and his strong stomach pain when he was a kid after eating half a kilo of cherries alone! lol!.. well I guess we just have to love them! after all is our last name!!! Kirsch means Cherry in German ;)

  15. mm..cherries!! they look delicious =)

  16. We have always been joking about my mom's limited culinary talents. When sth turned out good, that's what we were eating for weeks on end.

    We had a wok phase, a tofu phase, a casserole phase - and last I heard, she was easting feta with zucchini and greens from the barbecue. Daily.

    So I feel your "don't break a winning formula" approach to food. :) And I love cherries, so now I am jealous! Enjoy them for as long as you can - it will be quite some time before they are back.

    Kind regards from Hamburg,

  17. so sweet! I want to put them all behind my ears!

  18. We are the same way! Lately we've been on a mango kick! Yumm...just biting into a mango makes me feel like I am sitting on a tropical beach listening to the waves!


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