Wednesday, November 18, 2009

man of letters

while i think that (luckily) this has become an antiquated term, today i'd like to cheer my own wonderful *man of letters*, mr. rikrak, who convocated (that may or may not be a real word :) this past weekend, and officially officially became -- dr. rikrak -- (or perhaps, mr. rikrak, Ph.D.) ! yay!

there is no finer scholar around in my book! so in honour, some handmade & vintage letters. i'm so proud of you, superstar! and it was so fun having our families in town for the ceremony (gosh i'm a sucker for the pomp & circumstance of a good ceremony! yay!)

{.... and on another note, i've always had a strange affinity for certain letters - know what i mean? of course *k* & *d* as they are vital parts of my name, but also *f* (oh how i loved to write cursive f's as a preteen!) and that lovely letter *e* - how about you - have some favourite letters? or is it just weird letter-loving me? hmmmm....

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  1. Congrats to Dr. RikRak! That would have been a wonderful celebration for you all!!!

    I love certain letters, too. I love S and Y for some reason.

    I always dreamed I'd marry a man with the last name starting with a Y so I could write it all of the time! Not yet!!!!!

    Clever post, btw!

  2. VintageEmbellishment says...

    Congratulations to Dr. RikRak, what a wonderful achievement! And to you too since I know he could not have done this without a supportive woman in his life :)
    I do love letters, and words, and books....but I don't think I have a favorite letter...need them all in my life....

  3. Congrats to the entire family - we know that everyone sacrifices when one pursues!

    I do love letters, and words, and phrases...

    Thanks for the mention! Jan (GraciesCottage)

  4. Wow! A big CONGRATS to Dr. RikRak! What a neat and clever way to commemorate his accomplishment and hard work (and what a wonderfully unique mention for my "C") :)

  5. What an accomplishment! Congrats to the Dr.

    Thanks for pulling together such a beautiful group to commemorate his achievement. I, too, love typography and always enjoy when I am working with letters and numbers on my creations.


  6. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

    Love this post and all the letters too :)

  7. Congrats to Dr Rikrak. Maybe he could snag a position at MtA? :)

    As for the letters, well I love a good old "C". Sounds boring, but it is integral to Carol, and you can start and end it with a couple curly loops if you feel fancy. Otherwise I am fond of "M" and "W". Depending on the mood they can have a stern and emphatic point, or a kinder, gentler curve.

  8. Congrats Dr. Rikrak!

    Hmmm, letters...I think I love them all! I can't pick a favourite.

  9. Congrats to Dr. RikRak! agreed... very clever post! Thank you so much for choosing my x in your fun collection of letters!
    We also love to play with letters!

  10. Thanks so much for including my "S". I love certain letters too. E is a favorite. I just love to write cursive capital E's. Good thing my last name starts with an E!

    Cute blog!


  11. "Y" is my letter, too....Thanks for including my "D"...L.Young Studio

  12. ahh! i'm glad to see i'm not alone in my letter-loving!

    and thanks for all of the wellwishes for dr. rikrak! so sweet of you all!

  13. congrats dr. rikrak!
    and some of my favorite letters are from the Ukrainian alphabet - think cyrillic alphabet, like Greek or Russian


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