Wednesday, April 1, 2009

welcome welcome hopefulness!

1. Springtime - Limited Edition Print by jaimers
Rain Clouds - Cloud number 16 by IgFrog
3. Friends. Print by michele maule
Raindrop - silk-lined clutch bag by redrubyrose
Love Card - Equality Series - Boy and Girl by wheelerstudio
set of 8 foldover thank you notes - teal and chocolate rainboots by graciegirlnotes
Spring Showers Jewelry / Key / Organizing Rack by Shauneil
Stormy Days gray blue oxidized earrings by PixiSette
Wellies British Flashcard Tshirt in Blue and Red- Kids by charlieandsarah


oh glorious spring! welcome welcome!

i've gotta say, april sends little splashes of JOY thru my soul!
here in ottawa, the long long wintry season seems to be melting away in exchange for delightful days of puddle splashing, bright umbrellas & cute rainboots (and it helps to have a puddle-loving little one, too, to add to the fun!) ... thank you, april!

now i know the rain is not such a welcome transition for others. so many folks are feeling the not-fun-at-all plight of rains & storms & floods right now... thinking of all of you in these difficult days.

in ottawa, we usually have this seemingly brief, wonderful, mini-rainy season, and i gotta say, i love it! the unique tones, the fabulous crisp light, the air full of moisture, the cool winds, the hopeful greys that blanket all of the greens & flowers & shoots growing quietly underfoot, just waiting to explode into colour... so invigorating! once upon a time when we lived in thailand, i saw firsthand what an AmAZinG thing a rainy season could really be! the celebrations that filled the country with joy were so inspiring! i feel like that today! so thankful!

so, to the *just right* little bit of glorious precipitation that comes our way in raindrops this month - i'm so thankful! you're a welcome welcome sign of spring & more good things to come! here's to the hopefulness of the month!
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  1. Thank you again for featuring my earrings in your treasury, I love your blog! :) Jennifer PixiSette Jewelry

  2. This blog is beautiful! I'm so honored to have my Love Card featured here. I will be keeping an eye on your future blogging. Thanks!
    -Eliza from

  3. Great treasury rikrak! Your blog is an enjoyable daily read for me. Thank you!

  4. What a great treasury!

  5. Pretty collection, RR! But I don't like the rain one bit! Maybe 'cause I live on the "WET" coast!

  6. as a fellow ottawatonian (is that even close to being right?!) i can completely relate! What a nice spring we are having (sure beats last year!!)... Just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I LOVE your blog. Your designs, posts, etsy shop - all amazing and encouraging to me :) Thanks sis!

    ♥ leel


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