Sunday, April 5, 2009

patterns & shapes: @ the airport

hong kong airport . express terminal by robep

well well well. here we are ... off on a wonderful little adventure to boston to see one of my dearest friends in the world.

i spent a few, dear, quiet hours @ the airport yesterday, beginning my little getaway: sipping yummy teas, window watching aircrafts, the opportunity to just observe. what a treat!

i had a rare chance to bask in two things delightful: first, indulging in the joy of people watching:
reunions, goodbyes, thoughtful comings and goings.
aren't airports amazing emotional gateways!

and second, the opportunity to sit, quietly, and observe the space. time to take in the the symmetry of the architecture. the glorious shapes and patterns of the design marvel that an airport can be. a beautiful beautiful home for all of those emotional travels.

so here's to the glory of patterns & shapes in the beautiful architecture that houses our great journies, and a thankfulness for a few quiet moments to revel in them. aren't little getaways grand!

hope you'll join me all this week as i visit beautiful boston, MA. happy getaways to you - even if you can only squeeze in a minute of quiet. may it be grand!

heathrow airport terminal 3 chairs by chilli_ian

Kuala Lumpur International Airport by robep

madrid airport by √Čole

Abu Dhabi Airport by revs 83

bologna airport by motocchio

berlin airport by POSITiv

carts @ changi airport, singapore by Chris&Steve
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  1. Have a great time, RR!

  2. I agree!!! THese are some beautiful aeroports you've found. HOpe you're having fun. :)

  3. Lovely airport photos!

    Have a fun getaway!!

  4. My goodness. What stunning photos from airports. Enjoy your trip!


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