Tuesday, April 21, 2009

magic & beauty


found objects necklace by lakeeriebeachglass
vintage fabric wrap skirt by TheGarbologistsWife
sprite hood by fairytalefibers
remade high waist skirt by fisheye
linen pillow cover by ErnstandThistle
yearbook sticker pack by samann1121
make a list recycled notebooks by remaker
chocolate strawberry wrapper bracelet by CandyCalamity
cloudy day cuff by buttercupbloom


you know something i love?
a little magic.
a little taking something; maybe something forgotten or discarded or trashed & making it into something renewed & lovely & beautiful.

i know a few folks like that in life. magical people who find the good in things bad.
and the joy in things challenging. they can bring out the best in others. they can take things that are broken, in all ways, and help to heal them, reshape them, reknew them.
i admire those folks. i'm so lucky to call a few of them dear friends.

i think wonderful trashioners are like that for the crafting & recycling world.
never giving up on things that others have forsaken.
for me, trashioners live beyond being *garbagers* - with their imaginations they can create beautiful, inspiring, etheral designs from what they've been found...

i think that's a magical, beautiful thing.


i just love exploring the beauty of things trashion.

it's not garbage. it's the beautiful, inspiring future.
it's not junk. it's remade into treasure.

i encourage you to explore for yourself. just in time for earth day... the world of trashion is full of beautiful artists, making beautiful creations. reknewing the world one old wrapper, well-loved bedsheet or repurposed tire @ a time. saving us from mountains of so called trash by recreating beauty instead! if you can, make something into something else. reinvent something old into something new...

to me, that's real magic & beauty: finding the inner-treasure of something tossed away; discarded.

if you've done some great repurposing, i'd love to see it. please leave us a link to it here! i'd love to hear it's story!

so take a stroll in the beautiful world of trashion and be inspired.
i always am!


(this article first appeared on, and has been slightly recycled from,
a post i did on the trashion team blog here. thanks!)

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  1. We love to use old pop cans to make pretty little diecut embellishments here all the time. I don't have a link, but I wholeheartedly agree with you, RR. Trahsion is where it's at!

  2. I have found quite a bit of magic since I joined the Trashion Team. The 2 "Palchemy" projects that I participated in gave me such inspiration!

    HipHipHooooray for Trashion, Magic and Earth Day Celebrations! Thanks 4 including a little buttercupbloom magic here at rikrack, k! xoxo

  3. I use all sorts of recycled and salvage fabrics for making aprons and bag. I have just started making diaper bags using upholstery fabric sample books! I am quite happy with the results. I have been wanting to open an etsy shop for a while and I think this is the project that will get me started!
    You can see the bags and other items here:

  4. I LOVE the yearbook stickers! Those are genius!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great feature! Yay for recycling! I love making my Rebound journals, they're so much fun: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5714463&section_id=6061496

  6. Thanks for featuring me in such a nice article. Happy Earthday!

  7. I heart trashion and vintage goodies! This is a great collection you pulled together.

  8. Very pretty! I love Lake Erie Beach Glass jewelry. The colors in all these work so well together.


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