Friday, April 10, 2009

handmade homecoming

vintage pilot flight log book via petitpoulallier
mid-century icons limited edition print by FourcrowsArt
herman miller airport chairs postcard by cricicis
boston, ma. jet set journal by jetsetpaper


what a wonderful trip! and now... it's so great to be home! thanks for joining me all week on my little adventure. now i'm back, repacking bags from *the little getaway on my own* into luggage for *the easter roadtrip with loved ones* and so we're off! hope you have a glorious easter weekend.
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  1. Welcome home, Rikrak! Glad it was so refreshing!!!!

  2. Welcome home and what a wonderful that log!

  3. Those chairs are so cool. I always wanted a house with a row of bowling ally chairs in the entrance for taking off shoes.

  4. Nice selection of handmade pieces! Welcome back, it seems you just left!

  5. Ah, glad you had a nice trip and some me-time :) Lovely picks here, I especially like the journal!

    And now? Home sweet home, and happy Easter!


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