Monday, April 13, 2009

let's celebrate: roadtrips home!

road side fine art photo by chelseadosset

(editor's note: our roadtrip home, sadly, looks nothing like above photo! :)

ah. roadtrips. sweet roadtrips. we drove home tonight, after a glorious little weekend visit seeing our lovely lovely family. great talks, beautiful walks, yummy foods, chocolate chocolate & more chocolate...

here's the roadtrip home itinerary:

playlist: our "80's dance party car tunes" via the ipod (think: lotsa early 80's, seat-dancing hits to jive to, sing out loud to) on repeat for 5 hours.

menu: yummy snacks packed by my wonderful mom. sigg's full of water. far-too many cups of coffee. the remains of the easter hunt treats.

on the agenda: the usual round-up of fun-filled car games: many many rounds of 20 questions, " favourites ", i spy, license-plate bingo. add a dash of spring bird watching, lego space centre buildling. travel-agency playing, mommy & daddy chatting, funny joke-telling, get the idea.

stop-overs: off the highway twice to drive up to the river (or down to the lake), to play frisbee. a couple of times for more coffee/pitstop breaks!

weather: beau-ti-ful spring!

travelmates: the cutest boys ever (mr. rikrak and little rikrak, to be sure!)

so great to see our family over the weekend.
and now, so nice to be home, sweet, home.

how about your roadtrips these days. any usual fun stops, games, chats, menus, etc?

hope you had a great weekend.
see you tomorrow!
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  1. Welcome Back, RR! We ate too much chocolate, too!!

  2. welcome back! we've done many,many road trips! right now our roadtrips consists of making sure that middle piggy-tails doesn't get car sick! the laptop with movies seem to help since it gives her something to concentrate on.
    when we lived in the USA and would come back home for a visit (a 13 hour drive) we'd drive through the night so the girls would sleep. it was nice having the car quiet and yacking the night away with my hubby as he drove.
    and yes always many many cups of coffee!
    carrots and celery sticks always make great car snacks!

  3. Welcome back. Sounds like a fun road-trip home! Don't you love that whoosh of the wheels and all the fun that comes with it? Its my favorite thing in the world!


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