Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a bittersweet day

today is one of those bittersweet kinda days for me.
do you have those in your calendar? a dose of sad mixed with a bunch of glad?

april 15th is a special day.
it's my wonderful dad's birthday.
he was so gregarious, funny, friendly, charming, brilliant & talented.
so we celebrate him today.

but we miss him so much. that's the bittersweet part.

i thought i'd share a little photo with you today.
it's of me & my daddy. when i was 5.
i love this fun photo.
everything 70's.
my dad in his classic ways: entertaining, fun-loving, always such a great friend.
us riding on my auntie's bike, on one of our many fun trips to florida to see my grandparents.
wonderful poncho by my grandma (i loved that poncho!)

my dad was such a great person.
he was the friendliest, liveliest person. he was a true entertainer. he could make anyone feel welcome. anyone feel part of things. and had such an impeccable, amazing memory.

it's such a grievious thing when we lose someone, isn't it?
and for me, there are many phases of it.
this year on this day, on my dad's birthday, now that many many years have come & gone since he passed away, i feel full of thanks & so very very lucky for having had such great, wonderful parents.

he taught me so many things.
to be always generous. to be kind & friendly to every person. to believe in ourselves. to add humour to everyday, in any way. to be a creative problem-solver in all things.

and i miss him so much. our whole family does. and i especially miss that our little sweetie never got to meet him.

but it's true what is said about passing things on.
i see his charm, wit & charisma in my wonderful brother & in my little sweetie. i feel so thankful for that.

it's true. good things do live on.
may your day be more sweet than bitter, lovelies.
i think that's the way my dad would want to craft it.
happy birthday, dad.
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  1. wow, what a bittersweet coincidence--today is my father's birthday as well. He passed away a few months ago. He would have been 65 today.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely memories!

  2. You are so much like your dad, RR! He'd be so proud of you, Sweetheart! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad!
    I lost my dad many years ago, his birthday was in May, not a year goes by, well for that matter not a day goes by without thoughts of him!
    Bake a cake, think happy thoughts and know he loved you!
    Celebrate his life!

  4. hugs to you k.
    how very lucky you were to have such a wonderful father. thank you for sharing

  5. that is such a lovely photo. thank you for sharing. a great moment captured in time. bike rides are the best espesially with wonderful people. ♥

  6. Really touching post - my thoughts are with you today.

  7. ..what a wonderful tribute and photo too.
    Kathy (Adornyourself)

  8. What a wonderful tribute.
    I had a teacher who told me once, a few years after I lost my dad that, "The things you keep to yourself become lost; the things that you share, go on forever." Thank you for sharing your dad with us.
    Hugs to you today.

  9. Great pic of you and your Dad. My Dad passed away 9 years ago, when I was feeling really down my partner pointed out that I carry his blood in my veins and have passed it on to my children who have now passed it on to their children. I liked that. I miss him most when my kids achieve things I want to tell him. Hugs for you.

  10. Thank goodness for moments like that, captured in your memory forever .... and how wonderful to have this one captured on film as well!

    The photo is a treasure.

    Here's to Dads ... [raising cup of tea in a toast to fathers missed by so many of us...]

  11. What a lovely tribute. I still have my dad, who just turned 90 on April 12. My daughter turned 20 on April 11 and my birthday is April 15th.!

    I brace myself for the day my Dad will no longer be here... your post has helped me though, by showing me that what is passed on to us through that bond remains strong...

  12. You got me, rr. All welled up, but smiling too. What a wonderful photo to share — it tells a story, and a happy one. From all you say, it's clear to me that you're carrying on all that your Dad wanted you to; I'm just positive he'd be incredibly proud of you. A big hug.


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