Thursday, April 9, 2009

{un}anticipated handmade delights: boston

the hanging nasturtiums @ the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

isn't life grand!
there's a wonderful thing that can happen for me. at home. on a getaway. wherever i allow myself to be open to it...
it's that age-old idea that pairs things we look for & discover, with things we discover without looking.
and i just love when those two things intersect.

such was the case with so many wonderful handmade finds on my trip this week. i started out with so many things i was thrilled to see. that i anticipated seeing, and was delighted to see, revelled in! how wonderful!

and then, like on any great expedition, there were the delights that came across my path that i neither expected nor saught out, but that inspire and delight. such a great pairing!

isn't life wonderful like that? (and not just on trips!)

so here's a roundup of things handmade from my trip to boston: both anticipated & unanticipated. the charted & the uncharted.

aren't things handmade amazing, ever how we come across them!


@ the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
couldn't wait to see & adored: Shen Zhou's amazing 4 leaves. Breathtaking in real life!

unexpected handmade delight: Yousef Karsh's inspiring, lesser known unofficial portrait of canadian agnes macphail. wow!


couldn't wait to see & adored: the Shepard Fairey show "Supply & Demand." Brilliant!

unexpected handmade delight: the beautiful building itself. WOW!


@ the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston:
couldn't wait to see & adored: the "hanging nasturtiums" in the courtyard

unexpected handmade delight: edible nasturtiums various delicious ways for lunch @ the cafe!


@ Harvard University, Cambridge:
couldn't wait to see & adored: the red-brick architecture in all it's historical glory.

unexpected handmade delight: the glass flowers @ the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Oh my heavens!


@ my dear dear friend's beautiful home
couldn't wait to see & adored: her beautiful handmade style of decorating in all of it's airy, inspiring colour, & filled with handmade arts & crafts treasures from around the world.
unexpected handmade delight: the most delicious handmade goat cheese tortelloni with dried orange & fennel dust. oh my heavens!


wishing you things delightfully anticipated (and fulfilling) and things delightfully fulfilling (yet entirely unanticipated) in your days. i'd love to hear about some of yours!
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  1. I agree! I love when that happens. Great post, you lucky gal!

  2. ONce, when my husband and I were traveling in Australia, our plan had been to see the OPera House for an afternoon. We unexpectedly came across this little gallery nearby and we both smitten! Both were wonderful. And one was totally unexpected. That is joyous. I agree!


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