Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my favourite things: cafe visits with dear friends

morning coffee photographic print by mariterecr

whether i'm home or away, one of my very favourite things in the world is to stroll to a cafe & have a little tea party or coffee visit with a dear friend. what a perfect thing for me that is! first, there's the sheer joy of a cafe: the sounds, the smells, the friendly, visit-y nature, a space made for visits and connections and sharing ideas... so grand, isn't it? and when we're @ a cafe i'm reminded how everyone else is there for similar wonderful sharings! what a great community! and then, there's the the added delight of the too rare indulgence of sitting with loved ones to share tales in a realtime, face to face manner - no phones or emails or distractions... just friends together! wow... it just hardly gets more fun then that when it comes to visiting, in my book!

so you can well imagine my glorious joy on this trip, that has been filled with cafe visits! yesterday my dear friend (and glorious host!) & i spent the day strolling around beautiful boston. we travelled from one cafe to another, basking in this extra-special cafe visiting time, to talk and talk and talk. oh how lovely. what a luxurious indulgence.. the visits punctuated by glorious gallery stops, beautiful parks and the chance to just stroll.... stroll.. stroll...

and the great thing about cafe visits... one needs not be on vacation! i love it just as much @ home with near friends. it's just such a treat, isn't it? but the added special joy of a cafe + a dear faraway friend = sheer joy for me! my dear friend and i share many things we love and that formula is certainly one of them!

so here's to the luxurious chance to visit with dear dear friends, and sip coffee and live the cafe life, ever-how briefly! have you indulged in it lately?
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  1. i completely agree.
    nothing better then meeting a friend for a coffee.
    one of the things that i miss terribly from living in germany was going (and finding!) wonderful little cafe's! always with a little amoretto cookie on the side.

  2. Hear hear. Can't wait for my first tea-time with you! :)

  3. I agree! Nothing better!

  4. oh, i totally need a cafe treat and a catch up session with my buddy :)

    p/s i came by way of twitter

  5. I always do ice cream cafe-ing (^v^)

  6. I'm all for lots of cafe-ing! It's my favourite too! Hope you're having a great trip, RR!


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