Thursday, April 23, 2009

with thanks: my first sale

april 23, 2007.
that's a special day in my etsy vernacular.

last week, i wrote here about my nervous joy, 2 years ago, of posting my first item on etsy.
then the elation of that 1st etsy shop heart (you can read all about it here)

then, about 10 days later, after i had listed a few little rikrak goodies, and had received so many wonderful, *welcome to etsy* conversations from other sellers (that's SUCH a nice thing to do, isn't it? wow ... i think here of my first welcoming convo, from the wonderful quiltbaby (now the modern baby co. )- wasn't that so nice of her! thanks again, nicey!)

so on this day, 2 years ago... it happened.

someone i didn't even know had the courage to become my very first etsy sale.
if you've had the joy of selling something on etsy - you'll know how i felt!

(and to be honest... a little frightened!)
and so many more feelings!

i'm honoured to say that my first rikrak sale was to the wonderful & talented artist michele of dothandmade! (i somehow felt even MORE nervous when i saw who it was to, as i had actually followed michele's work on flickr before that - a real live person, who was an artist, (and wasn't a family member!) was buying my goodies?! heavens!)

that day dothandmade bought a patchwork bib, very similar to the ones here, made of vintage fabrics, that i had quilted. it took me a couple of hours to put the pack together! (i remembering trying various combos of things together, changed my mind a few times, etc) ... finally, i sent it out. since then, i've done some great streamlining and changed my packaging quite a bit (good thing, huh?)

i will forever be thankful to dothandmade for being my first sale.
in honour... i hope you might take a moment to visit her lovely shops. she's a beautiful handfelter (since that time, i have seen her name everywhere leading felting workshops around our lovely province, etc. ) ... she is known to many as i heart felt.

be sure to visit her beautiful fibre shop,
and her lovely jewelry shop here.

thanks again, dothandmade!

i've been so fortunate to have sold many things on etsy since that time, and to be honest, i kind of feel so excited EVERYTIME someone buys something i made! (anyone crazy like that like me?) but there is only that one FIRST sale... wow... thanks so much, dothandmade!

so here's to all of the lovely buyers who have been someone's 1st sale! you're pure gold, nicies!

who was your first etsy sale to?
i'd love to know!
how did you feel?

(ps: all 3 different rikrak giveaways are ending today or tomorrow...
head here to find out where to enter!
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  1. My first sale was actually to my birth mother. I thought it was cool that she liked my work...but I sort of felt like she had to :)

    Great blog!

  2. that's wonderful. i did/do have many of the same feelings when i get a sale. :) i had many friends and fam who purchased my jewelry but the first day someone i didn't know purchased was one of the most exciting days. since then, i haven't had another 'stranger' person sale but i hope to soon! :)

  3. What a nice tribute! My first was a 'trade' request, but I netted $5. :-) I couldn't wait for the feedback to know it arrived and what she thought of the burp cloth. I've only had 10 sales, but each is reason for a 'happy dance'. I too support the Etsy community and I try to buy when I have that bit of disposable income - I know how it makes my day and hope it too makes anothers. :-)

  4. That's such a nice tribute, RR! I love my wallets & playmat we have of yours. So does everyone that sees them!

  5. What a wonderful memory rikrak!!

    My 1st Etsy sale was to a woman in San Francisco. It was not quite a year ago so it's still vivid in my mind. It was about 3 weeks after I opened my shop (it seemed like an eternity at the time). I believe I was floating on air that day and my whole family was right along with me. At the time, I was selling my own handmade lampwork pendants and it was so special to think she would be wearing my jewellery so far away. I think what was even better was her emails to me. She is such a sweet person. My first sale was also her first purchase on etsy so we were both newbies. It was also special because it was one of the first things she had bought for herself for a long time so it meant alot to her.

    It still brings a huge smile to my face just thinking about it.

    Thank you for the memories! You just totally reminded me why I do this. :)

  6. What a delightful memory, rr! And fitting for me at this time...this week marks my first etsyversary as a seller :-)
    My very first sale went to an extremely friendly & talented etsian, Loopy4Ewe and I do remember the joy and nervousness it brought as I had only shared my papercrafts with family and friends until then. I would encourage anyone to visit loopy's shop for quality goods!

  7. Thank you rikrak... :) I remember seeing your work on flickr and noted how beautiful your bibs were/are. I knew that I had to get one for my friend who was expecting her first child. There was no hesitation in making the purchase... It was so exciting to be your first sale! I am ever so happy to see how fantastic you have done these past two years!

  8. O yes! The feeling of first sale! Mine was Kerrin aka Sigmosaics). Waking up one morning to see 3 items sold! WOW! Wishing you more sales to come! : )

  9. I know just how you feel, it's exciting to sell your stuff!!
    Somebody chooses you!

    But... my fav is the feedback. Some folks leave the best, most positive feedback and that really makes my day.

  10. my goodness what a wonderfully smallish world it can be. Michele is a lovely person and I've been a big fan of hers from the start. I love love love that she and you are connected in this way. it warms my heart and makes me smile. :)

    my 1st sale in my tanisalexis shop was to the sister of ebbandflo. Ebb was my neighbour and her sister bought a tiny canvas from me for Ebb's birthday. She even requested personal delivery and that was so much fun!! (to ebbandflo, not to sis who is located in scotland!LOL) I saw the 2 scottish sisters again just a couple weeks ago for a coffee. it's always fun to meet up with etsy mates. :)


  11. My first sale was to my boyfriend. He signed on to Etsy and bought one of my items and gave it to me because he wanted to be my first sale. Isn't that sweet?

    My first sale to someone new was shortly after that when someone bought one of my sea glass necklaces as a bridesmaid gift. I was so honored to be a part of someone's wedding!


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