Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a lovely little neighbourhood!

aqua skyscrapers by thelittlereddoor
tall blue house by Intres
little boxes original illustration by michelemaule
blue cottage shutter by Sara Tetley

little felt dollhouse by gwenleven
KeenDusk dwellings pouch by Majkatree
little city loop by littlepinkhouse
home sweet home pdf by gomakeme


one of my favourite little things are great neighbourhoods.
i love neighbourhoods.
i love exploring the sights & sounds of a new neighbourhood in my own city,
and adventuring to different neighbourhoods when visiting a new city.

and i just love our little neighbourhood here in Ottawa. it’s pedestrian-friendly, family-friendly, has a great sense of community, offers access to amazing parks, recreational fun,
lovely little spots to grab a teaparty, & amazing schools! i love it!

i also love neighbourhoods in art. i love seeing artists' depictions of the homes, buildings, the architecture of where we might live and grow and learn.

so here’s a little cheer to wonderful neighbourhoods,
(and wonderful neighbours, like all of you on my cyberstreet!)
and the places we call home.

thanks so much to all of my lovely cyber-ly neighbours that came out yesterday to the chat!
it was so nice to see you!

tell me about your neighbourhood! I’d love to hear!


a row of colourful little houses print by artquirk
urban recycling mini skyscraper by prettypeapod
4 house ornaments by puncezilla
custom handfelted rug by tanis alexis

house ornament 69 by syko
neighbours print by potato bird
Bristol Hill by GrunSugar
Nenil Print by benben

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  1. I miss my neighborhood in Calgary. I lived downtown, just off of 17th avenue. Everything was open late, and everything was within walking distance. There were very interesting people out all the time - day or night. I don't miss homeless people picking through my garbage though.

    In PEI, we live out on the edge of the city and I'm not a huge fan of our neighborhood. We are behind the airport so planes fly over sometimes, and they're noisy! We don't have sidewalks so it is hard to take my son for a walk. I wish I lived in downtown charlottetown where there are beautiful buildings, and lots of people watching. And parks for my son! for now we just have to drive somewhere to go to the park.

  2. Thanks for including my work in your wonderful post. I am very flattered!! ~Dani

  3. It's funny, I don't really live in a "neighbourhood" anymore, but for the first time EVER I feel like I've got neighbours! When we were in Mississauga, there were tons of people in a 100 m radius that I never ever met or barely talked to as we drove to work every day.

    But now that the next house over is four football fields away I come home to new green beans tied to my doorknob straight from the garden "next door", a knock on my door means the lady three farms down wants me to try out her cranberry muffins (MUCH better than someone trying to sell me better natural gas prices) and the guy one farm over plowed my driveway with his tractor every time it snowed last winter (and yes, pulled me out of a ditch once LOL).

    When we moved out here I wondered if I'd be lonely without a "neighbourhood". Turns out you just need neighbours :)

  4. I live in a charming little neighbor hood in Michigan. Grand River City. It is a historic district abundant in beautiful parks and trails. My home is an old farmhouse built in 1909. Grapevines and gardens abound. You will often find me outside with dirt under my fingernails, chasing little children and picking herbs. I love my little sub-urban paradise.

  5. Thank you! I was wish I could have been there to chat with you! I was fast asleep, that is the disadvantage with living in Finland and having cyber neighbours in the US! Otherwise I love it!

    Not very fond of where I live right now, but we're moving to Helsinki in July and I am very exctied!

  6. Great finds--and thanks for including me! Obviously, I share your love of neighborhoods.

  7. I am currently in a very walkable, pretty, Metro-accessible, rowhouse neighborhood in DC (Columbia Heights) but our immediate neighbors are crazy and have gotten in my face with a rake before, so I was disinclined to really meet the rest of the 'hood. However, lots of my friends now live within a half mile radius of me, which is nice to walk over for a party or ice cream before bed or something.

    My boyfriend and I are about to move in together and go about a mile or so south of Columbia Heights by moving to the Dupont Circle area. Also walkable, also rowhouses, but with many more independent shops (we bought our new paint from the local hardware store last night) within a stone's throw. There's also Dupont Circle itself, where hundreds of people gather on benches and the lawn each weekend to enjoy good weather and people-watching. There are tons of dog-owners who have thus far all been friendly about letting us pet their pooches. It's enormously bikable, as well, with a bike lane right in front of my new apartment. And we've already met and chatted with our upstairs neighbors -- no rake in sight! I'm hoping we can build around us the sort of community feel I've been trying for. :)

  8. I'm so happy to be a part of the little neighborhood feature :) thank you thank you mrs.nicey!

  9. I live just down the road from you (Hi, Neighbour!) and agree - the pedestrian nature of the 'hood is so super wonderful. HUGE reason why we bought our house here.

    Congrats on your etsy feature over at the storque. Just had a nice read of it!

  10. I live in oshawa in the north end...we aren't far from lots of shops,etc!!my daughter's school is only a 12 minute walk away...we are in a duplex apt, with mother-in-law living downstairs!huge backyard is a bonus too!:)

  11. Thanks so much!!, It's an honor to be in your blog.


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!