Thursday, February 5, 2009

winter pretending

image of the rideau canal by preciouskhyatt's photostream

gosh.. i love to pretend! all the time with my sweet little cutiepie son. and every so often in day to day living!

now, there's no pretending that it's not FREEZING out, here in beautiful Ottawa today. it's currently -32 C with the windchill! nonetheless... today i'm imagining that i'm suiting up for all the fun events that kick off this weekend with our city's fabulous & fun winterlude !! oh heavens -it's a marvelous time! canal skating, beavertail eating, icesculpting, great outdoor concerts, amazing icesliding and oh so much more! can't wait!

so here we are... let's pretend that a) i like skating (which i sadly do not, but still LOVE our city's rideau canal: the world's longest (and i'd say, loveliest!) skating rink!!!)

and b) that i have access to all the glorious handmade goodies in the world to keep me warm!.... perfect!

so let's celebrate cold cold cold winter... and i've chosen these gorgeous accessory warm-ies for my saturday! both these amazing mittens & this fabulous beret,
both by the ever-glorious


this wonderfully warm-looking arm-warmer & cowl set
by the fabulous


these inspiring wool slippers
by the brilliant

aren't they lovely!? wouldn't they add even more sparkle to any fun outing?

and sunday i think i'll go with.... this gorgeous cowl
by the fabulous


these heavenly mittens
by the lovely


these wonderfully warm recycled wool leg warmers
by the crafty


this brilliant hot therapy pack wrap
by the ingenious


there we go... nice and toasty! mellow & snuggly! just add a cup of cocoa, and we're all set! i'll let you know how winterluding goes for real next week! happy pretending!
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  1. I especially love the Saturday set - so nice and folksy. SOmeday I hope our family can get to Ottawa to skate on the Canal. It sounds like so much fun!

  2. Thank you for featuring my cowl and warmers! I LOVE those mittens.

  3. Since we share the same hometown, can we share woolies too??? Lovely lovely picks, as usual, rikrak!

  4. Beavertail eating? What is that? I'm not sure if I want to know! LOL :)
    Great warm picks! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  5. yes I'm curious about the Beavertail eating too!
    Stay warm!

  6. ;) here's the beavertail eating:

    fear not... no beavers are hurt in the eating of these delicacies!

  7. Waahh, now I want a beavertail! How fun & yummy they look! :)

  8. The Rideau Canal does look lovely!

  9. Thank you so much for featuring my slippers! Everything's so beautiful! I love the cowls and beret!


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