Monday, February 16, 2009

let's celebrate: family day!

here in the lovely lovely province of ontario, we're celebrating family day today. what a great long weekend it's been: a wonderful road trip with my sweeties to see more of our fabulous family, yummy meals with loved ones, daytime adventures with loves of all ages, great walks, great talks, and nighttime chats that last happily-too-late, as little ones sleep. i just love seeing our family.

tonight as we drove the trip home, with it seeming almostspring in southern ontario, a gorgeous sunset behind us, great tunes in the background, on our 1000th round of 20 questions....i felt such a warmth of thankfulness for my darling, funny, lovely family. and for the true delight of a little roadtrip. oh... glorious roadtrips.
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  1. Happy Family Day, RikRak! I love a great roadtrip, too!

  2. Happy family day to you, rr :) I passed by the Canal today; it was teeming with peeps, and I wondered if you were there! But you were en route home, counting questions and blessings. Sounds wonderful!

  3. I'm with you, rr! I love roadtrips! Glad you have such a nice weekend.


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