Wednesday, February 11, 2009

handmaking with kids: love cards

for me, there is nothing as fun as making something with kiddies! the curious, creative, limitless possibilities of a child's mind is so inspiring! here's a fun new series for the rikrak studio, with lots of fun, easy, inexpensive handmaking projects for you to make with your children, your younger family members, your students or some fun kiddies you know & love (or easily adapted for adults to make as their own fun projects!) i've invited various fun folks to share a handmaking with kiddies idea with us: it might be a craft or art; a handmade excursion or handmade recipe. today is the next in the seires handmaking with kids: valentines (part 2) : handmade cards .... from me to you. enjoy!

here's a round up of fun & lovely love cards to make with the kids, or on your own, for the love season! these great DIY are either little hand friendly, or little bit bigger hand friendly, or perfect for nice big adult hands to make to give hands of all ages! enjoy and spread the love!

above: this lovely tutorial on how to make origami paper heart bookmarks (just print your message on the back!) from bloomize

above: lovely love notes tutorial from the lovely purlbee

above: fun-filled recycled comic valentine tutorial from craftingagreenworld

pretty pretty cutout cards tutorial from the lovely long thread

and as a fun added bonus, try making all of the valentines cards from recycled or reused papers & materials! don't have an eco.friendly scrap paper in the colour you'd like? just colour it before making the project! happy spreading love, lovelies! what are you makin' for valentines?
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  1. You always find such pretty things, RikRak. I'm going to try the lollipop ones!

  2. Super finds! Great crafting projects! :)

  3. Love that lollipop flower one - I did lollipop flower valentines with mine (I posted about it on my blog). But I think that one is even cuter... leave it to Martha!

  4. Thank you for collecting these and sharing in one spot, rr :) I love that sweet bookmark.

    You're crafter who keeps giving... I swear, if I ever meet you, I'm going to give you the biggest dang hug.

  5. Your blog is really beautiful and I love the heart origami bookmark!

  6. There are so many fun ones in this collection!

  7. Ms Rikrak -- I am seriously loving your blog. Keep it up (if you can maintain this much energy !!!!) and thanks. You're finding and sharing a lot of great stuff.

  8. Whenever an occasion arrives where the kids have asked me what they can get for me I always respond, "Peace, love and happiness...and a homemade card." Those are the most priceless gifts.

  9. Great tutorials! I just finished doing Valentine's with my kiddies last night-we had 72 when were finished! That's a lot of love!


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