Wednesday, February 25, 2009


wow! i've gotta say... i was so thrilled & excited to read all of the wonderful, heartfelt comments as entries for the rikrak 2yr etsy-versary giveaway! thanks so very much to everyone that entered. i loved reading of your successes, and your great cheerleading of other folks' milestones too! what a super bunch of folks you all are!

the entries read a bit like a wonderful, touching book of inspiration! there were tales of personal triumphs: achieving things that, at some point, folks thought never possible; battling & winning over disease, difficult times, & triumph over tragedy; rebuilding homes & relationships; many tales of our own personal successes, at home & beyond; our professional successes, and so many glorious stories of building artistic businesses, communities and more, to let our talents flourish! indeed, woohoo! and i just loved how folks left cheers for others! that's the spirit!

i found many new wonderful blogs, artists & sites thanks to your entries. what a talented bunch of participants!

without further ado... so i'm happy to announce that the winner of the the rikrak giveaway pack, as chosen by is # 39 of 203 official comments! ......... congratulations "weblogartists!"

now this was my first introduction to this fun new-to-me blog (a co-venture by two great artists) ... and just take a look at the beautiful etsy shop: Blueshine Baby, that the winners run! aren't these creations adorable?

thanks so much to everyone. i really appreciated all of your kind, supportive words, too! folks sure are doing amazing things in their lives, and it's inspiring to see lovelies so thankful & appreciative for all of the great things we have! yay rikrak readers!

be sure to come back in a few more weeks for another fun giveaway!
and thanks so much! keep celebrating!
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  1. Oh those lucky winners! :) Thanks for hosting this, RR! And if I couldn't win (BOOOOOO!) it's so nice they make such fun things! YOU'RE inspiring, RR!

  2. Your giveaway was so fun - and such great prizes. So sad I didn't win! :) You got so many compliments on my blog for your clutch - it really is sooo cute!

    I'm totally digging your blog!

  3. SOOOOOO Happy to have are awesome at Rikrak the fun begins...oohhh so excited.
    Thanks RIKRAK!!!

  4. I wish I had win [of course ;) ;) !!!] but this giveaway party was so much fun ...and congratulations to the happy winners :) thanks RIKRAK


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