Thursday, February 12, 2009

something entirely frivolous to do

isn't this the funnest valentine you've ever seen?
vintage valentine via howieluvzus' photostream

ah... love! it's a many splendid, crazy, silly thing! so just incase you needed something else to widdle away your time today... here are 7 fabulously non-scientific, time-eroding, online love quizzes for you, just in time for valentine's day, so you can find out more about your loves (and your own secret identities, too!)

the always inspiring :) love calculator:
(this one has been online since i was a teenager - that's a LONG time ago!)

the "who's your celebrity love match?" quiz
(by the way - i ended up with *artful loner* as my celebrity match in this quiz and they chose johnny depp for me. i don't know if my writerly hubby will adore the title *artful loner*! alas!)

♥ or maybe find your astrological lovematch on

♥ or test your love attitude

and just incase you'd much rather know what keyboard key you are instead.

or maybe check out what colour personality you are.

♥ or lastly, maybe just check and find out which superhero you are! cause hey - that might be helpful to know!


(editor's note: the rikrak studio just means for these crazy quizzes to be a source of merriment & fun and does not endorse any of these silly sites (however, if you decide to text your *celebrity love match* and ask them on a date, i'd love to hear about it! :)

please share your results here!
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  1. Hot Dog!! February is for Frivolous.

  2. Yes, RikRak! That IS the funnest card I've ever seen. I got artful loner, too!

  3. okay! so far:

    3 artful loners
    & 4 dashing-but-darings reported!


    what's yours?

  4. the tally so far, as reported!

    16 artful loners
    9 dashing-but-darings
    11 goofballs
    17 boy next doors

  5. Looks like we're going to have to arm-wrestle over Johnny, rr ;) (Actually, I don't have to take a test to know that I should really be paired with Viggo Mortenson. Just sayin... ;)


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