Friday, February 13, 2009

*feelings* with artmind

part of ArtMind's 99 feelings ceramics collection

gosh. valentine's day sure has it's supporters and opponents, doesn't it? seems like most folks feel pretty strongly, one way or the other, about valentine's day! love it, dislike it, feel joyful, feel sad. and the list goes on. holidays are like that, i think, for most folks.

i kinda feel like that's my favourite thing about valentine's day. a day, ideally, when it's okay to express our feelings in a healthy way - now if only we could celebrate that idea everyday!

this is one of the reasons that i just ADORE the brilliant ArtMind's fabulous new collection of clay vessels. for me, it's the loveliest repetition of a theme i've seen in a long while in the art world! 99 feelings. each fantastic and whole and expressive all on it's own. i just love this series, and just love the beautiful Artmind for crafting them! you can see the whole collection here on her lovely lovely flickr stream or follow her creative delights on her wonderful blog.

so to everyone out there...hope you can find a great way to express all of your feelings, in a healthy & artful way, on feb. 14, and every other day, too!



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  1. Love to you, too, Rik Rak! That's a beautiful series she's made. I agree!

  2. happy valentine's day, rikrak. the feelings series is amazing. thanks for introducing us to artmind...i feel grateful. :-)

  3. great post, Rikrak!
    She makes wonderful concept art!

    I tried to learn whether those forms were actually fired or not.
    Clay , in my opinion, is most beautiful in it's freshly constructed ,natural unfired state,..
    I'm wondering whether they are fired or not. I really can't tell from her descriptions etc.

    Wonderful to see and be inspired by.

  4. such a beautiful series, what a talent! a great feature- I love seeing all those feelings pictured together

  5. Aww, nicey, you made such a wonderful feature of my feelings!
    I feel really happy about it! Thanks so much for putting them on your adorable blog.

    Adornyourself, these are not fired yet. I'm waiting for my kiln to arrive and you're right, clay is superpretty in it's natural state!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my work everyone! :)

    Happy Valentines day everyone! :)

  6. Wow! artminds vessels are amazing, thank you for introducing us to such a wonderful conceptual artist!

  7. wow! i think we're additicted to your blog rikrak, love it.

    seriously crying here after watching that... i'm so emotional (yuck!). ;) until of course the two people, then i was cracking up!

    happy v day,

  8. I so agree! They are fantastic! Well done Rikrak:-)

  9. oooh, the feelings are such a great collection, Art has done such a beautiful job!!!!!

  10. Yes the best Art in a long time!

  11. ooh ooh ooh aah!! big fan and sooo inspired by artmind's series. so glad you highlighted it!
    and it looks like a lot of your blog followers are some of my fave people too. very cool sweets - keep up the FAB work! XO!

  12. oh you nicies are such delightful cheerleaders! thanks, sweeties! i'm so glad you all share my adoring of artmind! :) fabulous, isn't she?


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