Thursday, February 19, 2009

a great little moment in time!

photo of President Obama on Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
taken by little rikrak, age 5 , up on daddy's shoulders,
(edited by mommy!). taken 19.02.09

oh goodness! we just got back from a wonderful little trek downtown... to see President Obama! he arrived in our lovely Ottawa this morning, and we joined 1000s of other fans on Parliament Hill to cheer his arrival. it was great! we didn't even really think we'd see him. all the reports said we wouldn't. but we all just wanted him to see us, as canadians, cheering him on! we hoped he'd see how very very much we respect, admire & appreciate him as a leader. and it was super! so many fun folks. such a great spirit in the crowd. seeing little rikrak so excited about just glimpsing at history. and then...he arrived! the crowd waited. cheered. hoped. lots of cars in the motorcade.. and then... a glimpse of him! standing at the foot of the peace tower. the clock @ 11.45. and he smiled that great smile & waved! there was an electric, tearful, joyful cheer that errupted! fantastic! what a great time!

now i've been thinking lots this week about time. the passage of time. milestones: my own little celebrations, and all of the wonderful reasons to celebrate that so many of you have shared for the giveaway. (thank you! i love reading them. what amazing tales folks are sharing!!). i think of chakra pennywhistle's vintage cameras and all of the special times and events folks record. and now today there is another great little moment in time!

these are surely difficult
times for many folks, for many reasons. but i think it's also an inspiring time. there are great things going on... just check out some of the amazing stories folks are celebrating today in the giveaway comments! it's really inspiring! so in honour of a great time ... and seeing an inspiring scene in front of our lovely peace tower clock this morning (see above photo by my little sweetie!) ... some beautiful clocks for you... to help show that the passage of time can be such a lovely lovely thing.

handmade doily clock by andfurthermore

RND wall clock via momentoitalia's photostream

vintage sunbeam clock via bythewayside

handmade splat red bamboo clock by pilotdesign

recycled bike wheel clock handmade by pixelthis

GE vintage wall clock via atouchofvintage

george nelson vintage clock via monitorpop's photostream

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  1. I'm so jealous! I wish we could have been there! Great post and what a wonderful picture that your little RikRak took!

  2. What a wonderful post! We are so happy to have Obama and what he stands for as our president, it brought tears to my eyes to read your comments about him! Thank you so much for that :)

  3. These are great clocks and it is a great time! Well said.

  4. thank you rr!
    this is a wonderful time and way to keep time!

  5. Oh that's fab that you got a peek of Obama!

  6. What a great post - and I love the picture by Little RikRak! I love photos taken by the babes.

    I am so enjoying your blog!

  7. Wow. Thanks so much for including my clock in your blog. Very cool clocks. I love the blocks.

    Great blog.


  8. You have won an award. Please visit my blog for details.

  9. What great finds to accompagny this lovely written post! I can feel the excitement through reading it! :)

  10. Obama, yay! I follow a few blogs, but where yours stands out is your positivity. Good medicine for my pessimism. I found a neat clock in a thrift store last weekend. It's in my shop at

  11. I'm loving your blog, Rik! You sure know how to cheer the masses! That's a sweet photo by little Rik, too!


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