Tuesday, February 24, 2009

collections: with Gabriele

i just love seeing what folks are collecting. i guess i kind of feel it tells us just a little bit about what inspires them, what they love, and what they choose to surround themselves with in their home. today, i'm delighted to present the next in the rikrak studio's collections series: 11 & a 1/2 quick questions with a wonderful artist on what they're collecting, (apart from their art supplies! ) hope you'll just love: vintage tins: with the wonderful Gabriele of Emmarts/Fluur!

who (are you?) : Gabriele. shops: Emmarts and Fluur

what (are you collecting?) : tins of all kinds

when (did you start?) : there were suddenly a bunch of tins, I kept them and so....

how (many do you have?) : ca. 50

where (do you find them?) : they find me

where (do you keep them?) : in a glass covered upper drawer

what (‘s an interesting story behind one?) : I once dropped the tiny round licorice tin. It started speeding down a sloping street. Other people tried to help me...no success - the tin was faster. Jumped even artisticly over a gully hole! That chase ended in someone's front yard! :-)

(piece would you like to add?) : any single tin that "talks to me"

why (do you love them?) : because of the attributes: sturdy, safe, open/welcoming, the texture, their sounds depending of the contents

which (camera is your favourite?) & why? : the Hansaplast tin - it still holds the spirit of my MIL

what (else do you collect?) : ceramics without frills, matches, shopping lists, found shopping carts that have stalled.


thanks so much, Gabriele!

now i always admire a great teacher. and i think of Gabriele as a wonderful teacherly artist. we first met thru the ever-fun Canadian Buy N'Sell Threads on Etsy. she's always a great resource. she compiles lists & info so we can support each other. she is an avid art collector, and supporter of other artists in every way. she encourages us to expand our knowledge by sharing great facts and tidbits of wisdom at every turn, and i think she has such a fun sense of humour! and i think those are some wonderful teacherly attributes!

as an artist, Gabriele crafts beautiful artworks, and they're so affordabley priced! i love a beautiful abstract aceo i own of hers, and i think her excellent use of colour & texture is so very very lovely.

be sure to visit Gabriele's two lovely shops: Emmarts: "to tickle your senses" (as Gabriele puts it!) and Fluur: her 3-dimensional arts.


thanks again, Gabriele!
and i'll see you all tonight when i draw the giveaway winner! (still a few hours left to enter or to save at the rikrak sale!) stay tuned!
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  1. i love this idea for a blog series; it makes for a charming insight into people's quirks and loves! tins are wonderful little collectibles, and these are so pretty :)

  2. Those are pretty tins! Great idea for a series. RR!

  3. rikrak - what a fabulous series, with a simple yet effective interview style.
    an enjoyable read!

  4. Wonderful collection! I really like this series!

  5. great blog article! i too collect tins but NO WHERE near as wonderful as these.

  6. Wow, it's so great to hear from Gabriele! Of course she collections some of the neatest pieces I've seen around :)

  7. Terrific feature on emm/fluur/gabriele :) I love those tins — they tell stories... Nice job, rr!

  8. So interesting - I love hearing about collections. And it is fun to read and learn about people I "know".


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