Thursday, February 26, 2009

what are you listening to?

i'm often fascinated by how one art form can influence, intersect with another. today we're talking sound. i'm asking folks (on the etsy forums) to tell us what they listen to... in various circumstances... here's the first....

what are you listening to... while you make your art / craft? (part one!) here's a sampling:

Message relief sculpture


scenicartisans who wrote: uncle tupelo and its spin off bands are what i put on a lot. maybe too often.

above: Magnolia Pleated bag - Dark Slate Denim

SweetgumHandbags who wrote: NPR

Church Doors - 8x10 Fine Art Print


WilliamDohman who wrote: Fleet Foxes, Live, Sublime, Beck, The Black Keys, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Mates of State, She & Him, Zero 7, Bush, Ryan Adams, Regina Spektor, The Shins, Built to Spill, Rage Against the Machine

Chunky Grey Cabled Neckwarmer


jeannieknits who wrote: mix CDs with a huge amount if artists. My recent favorites being; Kings of Convenience, Owen Pallet, She and Him, Tokyo Police Club, Bright Eyes, Spoon (always), The Shins (always), Beck (of course), MGMT, Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin.... And it goes on, and on.....

Be't by nicht or by day print


thecuriousrabbit who wrote: the amelie or juno soundtracks

Lucky Money Smokey Quartz

tracyrevell who wrote: (sometimes) movies - Clue (my fave right now) or any of the Harry Potters (I know I'm a dork) Elizabeth (both) is another fave



moxy who wrote: Dogs snoring

Black with White Snag Free Stitch Markers Set of 8 Small Loop
jeanettejed who wrote: I set my computer to AOL radio and listen to country or to alternative rock.

Cocoa with Chocolate Hearts, Gourmet Slippers


PhineasandLou who wrote: Nothing usually. I am either hanging with my family, or it's early before I go to work so I just try to get some work in. When I have a moment to choose, I look for 80's movies, girly make me cry romance movies, or the Golden Girls...those kinds of things. I'll be watching a Ben & Jerry documentary this weekend for inspiration!

above: Silver Shimmer Cubes Dangle Earrings


TheSilverHand who wrote: The Who, Sublime, Live, Enya, Type O Negative.

above: Buttons and Key - Original Mixed Media ACEO
by artangel who wrote: B52s, Oasis, The Cure, Motown, The Cocteau Twins - quite eclectic!

so fun to hear what folks are listening to! thanks so much for sharing!

also coming up:
what do you listen to... while you work (that may or may not be different then craft!) and what do you listen to ... when you wanna dance?
you can chime in on those threads now for future features. thanks!

... and i'd LOVE to hear what you listen to while you craft! please leave us a message here in the comments, and i'll try to feature as many of you as i can next time!
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  1. thanks for including me!!

    cute post... I have to check out more music :)

  2. It's just one fun new series after another, RR! Great idea. I listen to Dylan, anything Classical, Coldplay, or watch fun videos if it's later at night.

  3. That was a really cool read. Thanks for including me!

  4. Love this post, I love music! I am at this moment listening to a playlist my son gave me before he left for the treeplant season, Gordon Peterson is singing tome at the moment. (Hard Sun). Love the playlist and it reminds me of my boy!

  5. This is such a great idea. I'm listening to Great Lake Swimmers right now! I love hearing something not too loud and not too quiet when I'm crafting.

  6. hooray for music! :)

    okay so my day definitely consists of the "nine to noon" show on it is an ecclectic mix of tunes ranging from old soul and blues to indie hiphop, rock and fun neverheardbefore treasures. It doesn't hurt that the dj (lionel rault) is from my little childhood community and he is a musician himself.

    besides that I can be found listening to an array of tunes, from Afrobeat, Leonard Cohen, Jazz (miles davis, coltrane etc) Radiohead, lots n' lots of mix c.d.'s full of fun stuff and then some more ckua. because that way I dont have to run to my player to put a new disc in, it's nonstop fun...EXCEPT when they go crazy on the bluegrass! LOL. I can handle one bluegrass song a week..even tho I'm from Alberta - I'm no country bumpkin. LOL.
    Keep inspiring Sweet Woman!! you are a treasure!! XOXO!

  7. WoW! It's usually really quiet here and I don't listen to music much, hence the dog snoring comment! I am going to look up some of these bands though.. maybe I will find something I like. Love all the items featured here, and how they coordinate. Thank you for including me!

  8. I started listening to books on cd while I work and I'm hooked!

  9. This is such a fun post and thanks so much for including me among these wonderful and talented artists...I'm inspired to try to listen to something, maybe in the mornings :)

  10. I really like this post too, although I often don't listen to anything when I'm working. For me, listening to music is usually its own exclusive activity. But it is interesting to see what kinds of music get people's creative juices flowing!

    I'm intrigued by Maria's comment -- books on cd. I was thinking of downloading some monologues by an actor/writer I really like. Similar idea.

  11. I listen to CBC Radio One while I am sewing. If it's a program that doesn't interest me, I put on a CD from my rather eclectic collection.

  12. Neat rikrak! And nice collection of stuff! I'm like Cathy in Sarnia...CBC radio and when it's not interesting CDs. Right now I'm listening to Calixo over and over because I just bought it!


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