Monday, February 9, 2009

my favourite things: birthdays!

lemon poppy seed with meyer lemon mousse recipe, by tartlette

happy monday, lovelies! hope everyone had a glorious weekend! thanks so much for all of the great cheers & kind words you've been sending my way, nicies! i love it! so for this installment of *my favourite things* i'm celebrating twice! i gotta say.. i just LOVE birthdays! i always have. i love my birthday. i love the birthdays of others, and pretty much any birthday, of anyone, i LOVE it!poached quince & red fruit cake recipe, by tartlette

birthdays were always a very special occasion in our home growing up. thanks to my fabulous parents for showing me the joy & reflection & celebration that can happily & thoughtfully surround a birthday! my parents always crafted a wonderful handmade cake, in our favourite flavours (i just love hearing what everyone's favourite kind of birthday cake is!) ... so today i thought i'd round up some scrumptious -looking cake recipes to celebrate a wonderfully special day! now, today is a very special day in our family... one of those extra extra special days of the year! it's the auspicious birthday-day for not only one of our members, but 2!! that's right... two of my very favourite people in the world have their birthdays today.

so happiest of birthdays to my dear & marvelous, hilarious & talented niece j.

a green tea matcha & white chocolate cake recipe, from La Tartine Gourmande, especially for you, green-tea lovin' j.

and happiest of birthdays to my sweet & generous, brilliant & inspiring (soon-to-be) sister in law, a.

this scrumptious peanut butter & chocolate ganache cake recipe, from smittenkitchen, especially for wonderwoman you, a.

i love you nicies so much. i'm so lucky to know you sweethearts! folks.... these two women are amazing souls.. and what a day feb.9th is!

so in honour... a few delightful birthday treats & recipes!! cause a birthday just ain't a birthday without cakes! (and my lovely niece is a pastry chef-in-training... and she can make the most delightful cakes in the world.)

chocolate buttermilk cupcakes recipe, by cannelle et vanille

may all your wishes come true, wonderwomen!

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  1. both my birthday and my daughter's birthday on the 11, I'm going with the peanut butter and chocolate ganache cake..thank you!

  2. Happy birthday to both of your ladies! Wow... those cakes all look amazing. I am so hungry now.

  3. happy birthday! and how hungry you have made me with these pictures! yum!!

  4. Oh wow! These are some delicious looking cakes, Rikrak! Happy birthday to your two special family members.

  5. I am officially drooling. What delicious-sounding and -looking treats, and what beautiful photos of them. Wonderful feature :) Happy birthdays!

  6. peanut butter & chocolate ganache cake looks perfect.

  7. I NEED those chocolate cupcakes! Great post!

  8. I love birthdays too! And sweets!!! You're killin' me with these wonderful goodies.

  9. Happy birthday all, and thanks so much for the inspiration!


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