Friday, February 3, 2012

art + science: the cool cool world of bubble rasters

::top image:: pipedreams III/ bubble raster at work in the ontario science centre
:: 2nd image:: close up of the bubble raster via 44oz flickrstream


what could be more fun than capturing photos of your loved ones?

how about capturing photos of loved ones, then having them magically appear, bubble-ized, before your very eyes on a high-resolution embolograph (bubble raster!) that's a couple of storeys high?!

totally brilliant!

pipedreams III is a permanent art & science installation by the fabulous bruce shapiro : the art of motion control (all of his projects are amazing! check ribbon dancers & his sisyphus series.) this particular project wows me at the fabulous ontario science centre (thanks d. & j. for your fabulously kind gift!)

folks pose for a  picture of their beautiful face in a nearby booth and then, low-and-behold, your image is sent, real time,  over 96 tubes that "utilizes a series of computer controlled pneumatic solenoids to inject small bubbles which slowly float up the tube, serving as pixels." the image eventually floats all the way to the top and a new image begins again at the bottom!

so cool!

hard to say if the kids or us adults might love it more (it WAS pretty tough pulling mr. rikrak and i away from the endless artistic possibilities of it!)

wouldn't one be fun in your front room?
or as a photobooth at a wedding? :)

have a bubbly weekend, cuties!



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  1. That IS cool! I wonder what's inside the tubes?

    Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. good question, jenna! i checked on the artist's website and he writes that each pipe is filled with mineral oil:


    hope you're having a great weekend, nicey!


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