Friday, September 3, 2010

cakes + cakes + cakes!

 amazing cake artistry by:


 yay birthdays!
well i'm excited to say it's my birthday this long weekend. 
thanks so much for the lovely well-wishes, nicies!

thought we'd finish off the week with some delicious + beautiful cakes to take us into this celebratory few days!

i went with a pretty floral + lacey + ruffley theme this year.
can you believe all of these artisanal cakes are handmade? that all of those flowers aren't real live flora but made of sugary goodness? amazing!

i know most of these are to be wedding cakes, but i think a beautiful cake is perfect for ANY occasion!

what's your favourite kind of cake? 

i adore my mom's famous upside down peach + brown sugar cake + pretty much anything with chocolate! 

have a celebratory-great-weekend, nicies!



 amazing cake artistry by:

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  1. Wow!!!!

    Is that orchid not real? Amazing!

    My girlfriend and I took a cake decorating class at Michael's once and after 4 weeks everyone was making beautiful flowers. Everyone except ME! So I can especially appreciate the intricacy of these.

    Happy Birthday, RR!
    (And I'm a Lemon Poppyseed cake lover! YUM!!!!)

  2. how pretty! i really love the pink ribbon one.

  3. that's hilarious, monique! i bet you were better than you think! sounds like a fun class!

    and i'm with you, O. - i think it kinda looks like pretty rikrak! :)

    have a great weekend, nicies!

  4. *throws Krystal in the air*
    Happy birthday, sweet! Wish you a day filled with happy, fun and lots of laughter! :)
    I would love to eat that flowerpover cake that you have listed above - looks fab!!
    My all time favorite cake is a simple apple cake. Jip, boring is my middle name! ;)

  5. Those are spectacular! I would feel so guilty eating one.. makes my sprinkle artistry look a little lame! I love lemon poppyseed cake, anytime, anyplace :) Happy friday!

  6. thanks so much, sweet artmind! apple cake = yum! and you, my friend, are the epitome of not boring ;)

    yum anne-marie! yum!

  7. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you!!!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    That pink ruffle cake is gorgeous (go figure I love the ruffled cake!)
    I used to always and I mean always have a chocolate chip cake with chocolate chip icing for my birthday, up until they stopped making it. Now, I love oh I love cheesecake. Simple plain cheesecake drenched in delicious chocolate syrop! Yum!

  8. oh my, these are some BEAUTIFUL cakes foreals!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN!! hope your weekend is full of fun and cake of course!

  9. Nothing like a ton of birthday cake pictures to top off a labor day weekend!! They all look so fabulous and beautiful. I just wish I had a reason to make one now.

  10. Mmm. . .these look so good!
    My favourite kind of cake is chiffon, with meringue icing. I made one for my husband's birthday earlier this week, and we ate the whole thing in just three days!

  11. i especially like a coconut cake- with freshly shaved toasted coconut on top. mmm.

  12. OMG, that pink ruffle cake just makes me want to lick the screen. Celebration cakes deserve their reputation for stopping the party. They are so worthy. x

  13. Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for featuring some of my cakes, too! Next year, let me know in advance and I'll make you a little something to celebrate!
    Lindsey at Elegantly Iced

  14. oh LET's have a feast of all of these scrumptious cakes, nicies!

    CAKE PARTY! woohoo!

    oh lindsey - what a sweetie you are! i'm such a fan of your amazing amazing work! many thanks!

  15. Just found your blog and....OMG! I cannot BELIEVE that that orchid is NOT real too! I checked out the ElegantlyIced dot com site and was just BLOWN AWAY!! Thanks so much for posting these, will have to tell a friend of mine about that site - she is getting married next year. Now back to reading more from your postings :-)


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