Tuesday, September 7, 2010

that favourite pencil case

pencil zipper pouch by allisa jacobs


did you ever have a favourite pencil case?
a favourite backpack or lunchbox or glittery pen that you  cherished, perhaps cherish fondly still as part of your schooldays?

my forever-loved-shortlist of school supplies would have to include: mr. sketch smelly markers + a well loved red + turquoise canvas zipper pencil case, that, over the years, was covered with friends' signatures, goofy doodles, you know the scene.


today little rikrak headed off to his new school.

me: nostalgic, excited, photograph-ee, teary-eyed.

him: excited, thrilled to meet new friends, his already favourite pencil case tucked into his backpack along with sharp new pencil crayons, way-too-much lunch and enough school supplies to fill 2 desks. 

hope him + that pencil case have such a great great day.

and you? 
have a favourite school supply you still think fondly of?

back-to-school tales at your home these days?

here's to a great year ahead for all our little ones.
{and big hugs to the mommies + daddies waving goodbye for the day ... GOOD GOLLY.. i was a FONT-o-tears! }

fun handmade school supplies!
1.  chalkboard calendar by somethingshidinghere
2.  crayone fine art photo by twovegangirls 
3. hello snack sacks by beethings 
4. woodblock print by 1canoe2 
5. mini blank book by bangbangyourethread
6. mars staedtler pencil box by wolfhouse  
7. pencil zipper pouch by simbiosisbyjulia 
8. bookplate stickers by scribblingclub
9. messenger bag by mediumcontrol 
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  1. I love #7! That reminds me so much of elementary school.

  2. Happy Back to School day to both of you. Thanks for including the Medium Control messenger bag, much appreciated.

  3. My most cherished school supply is a drawstring art supply bag that my mom made for me. It was denim and she stitched the word "art" on the front with my initials. I still have it and keep my treasured Sharpies in it! Thanks for stirring up some fond memories!

  4. :) that's fun, T!

    and thanks so much medium!

    maryanne - that's such a beloved keepsake! so fun that you use it still! and what a fun mom to make it for you!

  5. not exactly but I loved to take those reinforcements for 3-ring binder paper and color them with crayons
    then finally my teacher made me stop.
    horrible adults crushing childhood delights

  6. I think that I liked (loved!) too many of my things: Wonder Woman tote bag, red nylon backpack...but best of all may have been the multi-coloured pen! Not just four colours, but maybe 10...you click the switch and a new colour comes out the bottom. One pen - so many options!

    It was super fat, and maybe that is why I don't hold a pen "properly" to this day...

    Oh yes, and that brings to mind the swirly multi-coloured pencil...so many colours in one tip...

  7. I wish I had a favorite pencil pouch...maybe it's time to get one? I love that "Back on the Bus" print. Cute!!!


  8. oh what a big day for you guys! this time of year definitely makes me miss school, JUST for the school supplies alone! I love the smell, the fun notebooks, planners, you name it. i always want to buy up tons of supplies even though i don't need them anymore!

  9. nice selections! thanks for including us.

  10. K-You're so sentimental! But, then, as mother of little rikrak, that's your job. I can't remember any specifics, but I remember that I LOVED school. I do remember that--when I was a very little stduent--my mother put our house key on a chain around my neck. Just in case, you know. You can see it in one of my school pictures. Which I'm in no rush to share . . .


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