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fill-in-the-blanks interview with brilliant blogger: sandy a la mode!

it's a fun new series on the blog, nicies! a fill-in-the-blank interview with some of our favourite super-bloggers from around the blogosphere that inspire each of us everyday with their writings! we all know that brilliant bloggers spend so much of their precious time crafting the perfect posts. so  i thought we'd give our fave wordsmiths a little break: i sent each nicey a page full of fill-in-the-blanks questions { my words in pink } ...  & they filled them in with their insights { their words in grey/gray! }  hope you'll enjoy fill-in-the-blanks with our next brilliant blogger: the lovely sandy of sandy a la mode!

Hi all!  I’m super excited to be featured here on the fabulous rikrak studio blog! {editor's note: thanks, cutie! so honoured to have you! }

I'm Sandy from Sandy a la Mode, a blog and more recently, an etsy shop!

I love cupcakes & traveling & shopping for dresses.

I blog about my photography, baking, sewing adventures as well as inspirational finds over here: http://www.sandyalamode.com/.

{You might be surprised to hear that I travel almost every other week, to cities all over the world, for my full-time job.}

Beyond blogging, my perfect afternoon would be: a picnic, with my husband, eating ice cream, talking about our next vacation (hopefully Australia), listening to Billboard Top 100 songs.

I'm a huge fan of frozen yogurt with mochi + strawberries.

Here's my favourite photo of myself.
I love the photo because that camera strap cover was the first thing I’ve ever sewn and made me realize that I could be a crafty person.  Also, most of the time, you can find me behind my camera.

I just finished sewing a bunch of mini drawstring bags for my etsy shop.  To celebrate my grand opening, I am offering them for FREE with every order.

I love making anything with puff pastry & sugar.
The sunshine makes me happy & ice storms make me sad (and really cold).

A word I love to overuse is “amazing”.

And I may have made up the word “dramaful.”

I HEART blogging!

Taking pictures for the blog and meeting new bloggers inspires me to keep on posting!

I began blogging to document my journey in cooking, sewing and photography and now I blog about inspirations, our basement renovation progress and other DIYs as well.

What amazes me about blogging is that there is such a VAST community of encouraging, supportive bloggers out there!

My 3 tips to a great blog would be:
& humor.

Gosh! It's challenging blogging when I have a full-time job, travel all the time, have all this housework,
but fear not, I just try and schedule up posts ahead of time on the weekends so I’m not AS busy on the weekdays trying to blog.  It doesn’t always work out that way, but I try! J

One of my favorite blog posts I've ever written is this one on the baby shower I planned for my friend. 

I documented with photos the food we prepared, the decorations we made and the games we played.

I spend a lot of time reading other blogs.

I love the rikrak studio blog because it's fun and has posts about a vast variety of topics. { editor's note: superthanks sweetie! }

and I can’t help but check the bright side project blog because it's got giveaways every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – who doesn’t love giveaways?.

and of course the oh hello friend blog is beautiful because it's always got a daily dose of inspiration.

One thing I wish I had learned sooner in bloggyville is that it is super addicting.

and don't worry: if I can get myself to close my computer lid then I can step away for from blogging for awhile and enjoy the fresh air haha.

My favourite part of blogging is that I have been able to meet so many blogger friends online and even some in person.

However, I could do without spam comments.

Something regular happening on my blog these days is my Friday Flavors to Follow posts.  

sandy a la mode

Hope you all enjoyed reading a little bit more about me, a fellow blogger and friend.  OK time for me to go, ice cream is calling my name! 


thanks so much, sandy, for your inspiring words!
be sure to visit sandy around the web.. she's such an amazing superwoman! 
& please leave her a hello here, too!

happy blogging, nicies!
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  1. Sandy is truly a superwoman - such a dedicated blogger and truly a genuine soul! I honestly don't know how she finds the time to do everything she does - and so well! I mean, have you checked out her etsy shop? Thanks for sharing a snippet of Sandy's life with us all!

  2. I love Sandy's blog. She's such a dedicated and active blogger! When I need a break, I know where to go to get my daily dose of creative inspiration.

  3. Sandy is so multi-talented in photography, sewing, cooking, blogging, and party planning! She is the most energetic person I know! Keep it up girl!

  4. woow. that is such a fantastic post. sandy is inspiring and i love her blog as it's so full of joy and creative ideas. and how fabulous to have found rikrak studio. another nice blog to check out!

  5. Very awesome blog here. Thanks Sandy for introducing me to it. I loved your interview!

  6. thanks so much for the feature kristal! i had fun answering the interview questions! and thanks everyone for the sweet comments, they make my day! :D

  7. oh it's such a PLEASURE to have you here visiting, sandy! i'm such a great fan of your delightful posts!

    and welcome welcome all members of the *sandy a la mode* fan club! here's to our next club meeting!

  8. Lovely guest post, I would love to be that intrepid and travel all the time. I've found some lovely new blogs to add to my growing reading list! :)

  9. I love to read Sandy's "fill in the blanks" interview! :)

    Hi Sandy, this is really nice to know about you a little bit :)

  10. Oh, I loved this! Sandy is so sweet and so talented, such has such a great design sense. I had no idea she was so busy, that's really cool! AND, love your blog, really happy to find you through Sandy and happy to be your newest follower!

  11. I am a huge fan of sweet sandy's blog and shop! This is such an awesome interview....very inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  12. i heart Sandy's blog and now yours too! thanks for the fun post :-)

  13. I love Mrs. Sandy!
    She is such a sweet gal!!
    Beautiful post!!!

  14. Fabulous interview. I truly adore Sandy. She is so talented and SO sweet!

  15. With uvodolstviem shook his hand to the author, the benefit of his blog - a miracle.


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