Friday, September 24, 2010

sharing love

i love you card by pistachiopress
how do you share your love?
i'd love to hear!

in this whole wide world there is nothing i love more then my wonderful, fun, thoughtful family.

and this past weekend we celebrated a glorious family milestone: the most-fabulous wedding of my darling brother and my glorious new sister! it was the most wonderful of times:

some things remembered:

  • i'm so lucky to have a family that shows and shares their love.
  • it was an honour to be part of such a sincere + loving event and be warmed by amazing person after amazing person articulating so beautifully: by their words, in song, by their actions;  how they loved my brother and my new sister, D + A. 
  • it was so wonderful to have everyone affirm how D + A had inspired their lives, filled all of our lives with love and generousity,  and to smile at how they spread kindness + thoughtfulness everywhere they go. 

it was, no doubt, the gosh-darned-est most loving, most lovely, most filled-with-sharing-love wedding i've ever been to.

i love you nicies so much, d + a.
thanks for spreading love everywhere you go.

so.. i ask... how do we show our love, nicies?
how do you communicate with those around you {that mean so much to you!}  that you love and appreciate them?
a note?
a call?
a visit? 
a hug?

how can we as parents, aunts, teachers help inspire our children to be loving people who can express their love in wonderful,healthy ways? 

what are some ways others have shown YOU love that you appreciate? 
here's to spreading love this weekend, nicies, and to letting those around know how much they mean to us!
love loves!
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  1. I love to bake & cook for my loved ones :) I'm also a big hugger <3

  2. Glad to hear you had a loving weekend, RR!

    My mom taught me how to show my love with a note and a hug. The man I married came from a family taht doesn't hug . At least they DIDN'T used to! So I hug him everyday to show him how much he means to me.

  3. oooh! i love that you bake & cook to share your love, goodgirls! woohoo!

    and lori - you're always so great at showing all of us your love. thanks for that, nicey! :)

    have a great weekend, cuties!

  4. Baking is definitely my love language too! I am constantly in the kitchen when anyone is visiting... And with my kids I'm pretty physical~ we are all snugglers, and to me there is nothing better than winding down the day, all four of us huddled on the couch singing songs and reading books.

  5. The hugs flow freely in my family unit - my extended family is much more reserved and that was something I was determined to correct in my own.

    We also - surprising I'm sure - make things for each other. My whole studio is a labour of love my guy made for me, involving all sorts of extra carpentry he had to learn. My mom has dozens of pieces of jewelry I've made, bowls and trays that were wedding decorations.

  6. I love sending letters to people I love. And I feel like people show me love in so many ways! Even something as simple as bringing me a brownie when you have an extra one...that brightens my day.

  7. What a sweet and inspiring post! I, too, feel that is so important to show and share've inspired me to sit down tomorrow and write some overdue "thank you for being a friend" cards to put in the mail. Thanks! xo


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