Friday, September 10, 2010

kissing friends tales



gosh how i love love!
ain't it a many splendored thing indeed! 

well today is mr. rikrak + my meeting anniversary  {+ then a year later-to-the-day kissing anniversary!} 
17 years!
good heavens. 

last year i told my tale of how i met my kissssssing friend, and asked to hear YOURS!
how delightful your answers are!

hope you'll enjoy these inspiring kissing friends tales by fabulous handmakers from around the world.

and please add yours in the comments!
hope your weekend is filled with lotsa love, nicies!


i asked... how did you meet your kissing friend! :)

paisley baby: I tried to sell Mr. Paisley some life insurance 20 years ago - one of my past careers! 

bird trouble: Me and my man met on the L-train in Chicago. We were both going to the same punk rock show. He was with an ex-girlfriend and I was with my boyfriend at the time. We stayed internet friends for 3 years, then I became single and I wanted to travel... so I flew out here to Philly on a whim. The rest was history!

alex keller : we a pub actually. i was shooting pool, and he was admiring my game. he still remembers what i was wearing, and i remember being thrilled that the most handsome guy in the place was interested in me. he's still the most handsome. 

lori : As you know, we met at my cousin's wedding. He was wearing such a crazy suit. I KNEW I just had to get on the dance floor with HIM!!!!

mountain man:  Mrs mountain and I met on the internet (not a dating site) almost 13 years ago 

jlr designs: My other half and I actually met 14 years ago in high school in an English class. We became great friends, and 6 years later we went on our first date :) 

the monkey's mama: My husband (ahem, kissing friend) and I met when I was a junior in high school and he was a freshman in college. My twin and I were touring our future college campus and ran into him and a friend. Fast forward two years--now I was a freshman (in college) and he was a junior. He and that same friend were the game leaders at our InterVarsity freshmen retreat. One of the games they had us play ended up breaking my thumb so, naturally, he felt badly and had to check on me.
Instant friendship for 2 years, then dating, then marriage 2 months after I graduated from college.

Ahh, kissing friends. 

dawn correspondence : My kissing friend interviewed me for a job! *Scandalous* I got the job...and he asked me out multiple times before I finally agreed to go out with him a couple of months after him asking. We are now the best of friends and I couldn't live without him!

nessagurl: We met in grade 10 computer class, but didn't become best buds (we were only friends) until 11th grade art class. We spent all of our time together for the next 5 years until I went to Switzerland to be a nanny for a year. After one year I invited him to be a nanny as well for a family down the road from us. He came to Switzerland... fell in love with me and 10 years later we have 2 beautiful children and are still best friends to this day.

ness: I met him at dinner my freshman year of college almost 16 years ago My friend whispered that she wanted to date him when he went for a drink re-fill and a fateful discussion of what kind of girl he liked transpired. He asked me out the next day.

We said we were just friends, but we couldn't stop kissing each other.

tanis alexis: my mister and I met when we worked on the set of 'I, Robot' as painters. I met him a number of times later on in many different places.He was the only person to laugh when I got sassy with him.. and he wound up being my 'last man standing'..the sole human who stood by my side as my world fell apart. I knew that he was a one of a kind human being by then. 

karin: My love and I met in a bar. I didn't want to go out that night, I really didn't, but a friend felt sad and needed a talk, so I went along with her.

He didn't want to go out that night, he had to study, but a friend was feeling sad and needed some distraction, so he went along with him.

I never believed in love at first sight, until I met him. Since that evening, we hardly spent a day or night without eachother. This was almost 12 years ago.

 margo (editor's note: WHO WAS PRESENT ON THE NIGHT MR. RIKRAK + i met!!!!) : I met my husband in high school, he sat beside me in math class and flirted with me by playing with the hair on the back of my neck.. we were friends for a couple of years and started dating in grade 12. our first kiss was on a four-wheeler 

cosmic creatures: I met mine at the bus stop at work. We'd both done the late evening and were the only two there. I could hear his music and I knew what it was! And then I HAD to ask him what he was listening to so I knew if I was right or not. 

He took his earphone out, told me and smiled. We talked on the bus all the way home and met up for lunch a few times at work and just got closer and closer. That was 3 years ago now! Still very happy =D

tabbytoo: I met mine years before we even thought about dating each other.

I met him in 9th grade drafting class. Later I sat behind him in 12 grade Calculus. Then he asked me to the prom. We didn't go, but we did start dating. And smooching in the courtyard at school.
Wow, I met him about 37 years ago. 

allegro arts: i met mrs Arts at the zoo.
i was a single dad at the time, took the daughter there for a day trip. we were wating for the bears to get fed and started talking.

then she said "you're cute, i like you, we're going out on Saturday. Pick me up at 3." 

bambisMinis: I met my guy when I bid on and got an online job to do a costume for this model guy. Part of the costume involved actually paining latex over a body suit while the guy was wearing it. The model and I hit it off, and have been living together 8 years as of last May.

fancypantsandmore: Met mine online. Was reading some profiles and read his, love his quote. Saw he was online so I sent him an IM to tell him. I also told him he didn't need to respond, just wanted to let him know. That was the truth. I was not really looking for anyone.

He did respond though and we started talking online daily and emailing each other. Decided to met about a month later. I was already pretty much falling for him and according to him, him for me as well.

We moved in together 2 months after the first date, got married 8 months after that. Been married 12 years now.
He is sometimes grumpy, has a hothead, takes everything too seriously and is just the opposite of me for the most part. He is also romantic, loving and would give his right arm to help anyone. I adore him!

 i met my husband at work. i was dating someone else at the time, and it wasn't going well - we really weren't compatible (he was a nice guy, but we just would have been better off being friends and not dating!)...

anyway, when i started working at the company, I sat kitty-corner from my now-husband. we used to chat a lot during the day and became friends. i ended up breaking up with that other guy i had been dating and not long after that started dating the guy at work! it was kind of not all that dissimilar to pam and jim from the office :)

i left that company a few years later and went back to graduate school and we got married :) 

 summerscreations: He ordered me over the phone actually. Lol!
A friend of mine had recently started dating a friend of his. They were having a bbq and she called to see if there was anything they wanted her to pick up on her way over. My husband asked if she could pick up a blue-eyed blonde of the curvy sort. She said she had one of those and invited me over. We've been together since that night. :)

elbeading: Middle school sweethearts here. We started dating when I was in 8th grade, he was in 7th; we met thru mutual friends. I broke up with him because he kept banging his head into the lockers for fun. (Hey, I was 13, and had an "image" to uphold, or so I thought.) Dated a few more times throughout highschool, have been together seriously since right before I graduated (7 years). Only been married 4 months, but hey, at least we know we can stay together thru a bunch of crap!


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  1. Congratulations! These are so sweet. Still looking for love here. :>

  2. This is such a sweet and loving thing to do. I remember the thread and am tickled pink to be in this blog. Thank you!!

  3. This is such a sweet and loving thing to do. I remember the thread and am tickled pink to be in this blog. Thank you!!

  4. aw thanks sweeties.

    wishing you love + love + love, josie! what a lucky soul ahead who has you as their partner!

    yay fancypants! thanks to you for your tale!

  5. Yay! Congrats and best wishes to you both! Love and happiness always!

  6. oh congratulations on your anniversary!

    what a wonderful post filled with love!

    thank you so much for including my pug collage.

    i amhonored.

    have a super day!

    :) melissa & emmitt

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary! Ahh, love, nothing is more important. Thanks for sharing my story again. I loved reading it again and thinking back about that day.

  8. I'm still waiting for mine...


  9. thanks so much, lovelies!

    you're fabulous, jenni! here's to great lovestories ahead!

  10. OK have to share my story :) My dear hubby and I met in high school but were both dating other people - at my Senior prom he took a picture with my camera for me and I took a picture with his camera for him.
    I went away for college - then came back for summer break and lived with my best friend. We were going to meet her friend (my soon to be hubby) at his work so we could all go play pool. The first thing he said to me was "Give me a ride to my car" I instantly hated him and told him "No - there wasn't a please in that sentence or nice to meet you" He asked me out 2 weeks later and I told him that I just went on a date with someone else and he would have to wait to see if that would worked out before I would start to date him (I'm not usually this mean). He waited and we started dating. 9 years and 3 children later - I am glad he waited and now he makes sure to say "please"

  11. (hit the enter button too soon)

    Love is grand and congrats on your anniversary :)!!!!

  12. Wow, I can't believe how many people have been together since grade + high school! That's fabulous!

  13. Awhhhh this is so sweet!! Happy anniversary!

  14. My third anniversary with mr. craftgasm was yesterday, so this is fresh on my mind and I want to share, too! :)

    He put up a Missed Connection Craig's List ad for "missing girls with freckles" since it was the end of the summer and he has a particular attraction to us. I was bored at my old job and wrote back to tell him that some of had them year-round, thankyouverymuch, and several witty e-mails later, I invited him to get water-ice with me.

    We're currently planning our wedding for next fall. :)

  15. have a happy day!!! thank you forr including my story :)

  16. congrats to you and mr. rikrak!

    i met mr. squares at work. we did NOT get along, disagreed with each other on everything. we went on a business trip to boston and realized when we weren't talking business we actually liked each other. the wine might have helped, too. then came love, then came marriage...

  17. Aww- congrat! The hubs and I met during our freshman semester of community college in Philosophy class. We got married two years later, a couple of weeks after graduation. We've been together almost 10 years now, and celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in June!

  18. I met my hubby in the back of a Batman comic book. He wrote a guest column in a comic and I wrote him. He wrote back and we went back and forth for a few months between Ky (where I lived) NJ (where he lived). He was well off and I was fairly well off, working and having been off welfare by about 6 months. We weren't kids - we were both over 30and divorced. When we met, sparks flew at the first kiss and we went back and forth for 6 months , then married. We've been married 25 years - still working on the happily ever after...

  19. Mr.Demirtas was my best friend :))

    And then he show me

    When Harry meet Sally :)

    Do you know this wonderful film :)



  20. Oh sorry meet = met =))

  21. Congratulations!!!

    My sir and I met in college. He was the roommate of the Student Body President candidate whose campaign I was running. By the time of the election (we lost) J and I were dating. The candidate is the Best Man in our wedding :)


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