Tuesday, February 28, 2012

patterns & shapes : new york city

all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2012
 {or my supercute hubby!}

well we're back from a fabulous little triparoo to one of my fave cities: nyc. mesmerizing shapes captivated me most of all this time around. 

what a linear lovers dream.
(& a weekend away with my darlin', seeing dear friends, cafe hopping, gallery wandering, park playing, & holdin' hands just strolling sure made it absolutely fantastic, too! ) 

there's bliss in those polygon shadows.

{ps: this is my 1st foray into the crazy world of instagram. no SLR? eek! okay - i'll admit it  = so fun! are you an instagram fan, nicies?} 


all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2012 
{or my supercute hubby!}

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  1. These are very unique! But we would like to see one of you, "Nicey!"

    Glad your trip was great. My children all LOVE Instagram, but I haven't caught the bug yet!

  2. thanks sweetie.
    (the personal ones don't quite fit the *theme* ) :)

    i bet you'll catch the fever yet, nicey!

  3. wow, great shots of the city! I hope your trip was all that you wanted! :)

  4. thanks so much, sweet alicia.
    it was indeed all things wonderful - have you been?

  5. You + tour hubby as sooo talented. Love the images!


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