Monday, February 13, 2012

the art of urbanity: new york city

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hot diggity dog, nicies!
we're headed to one of my favourite urban spots next week: the beautiful new york city.

oooh how i love it there.

so happily i've been there many many times over the years, and each time is as enchanting as the next... so many favourite spots, such amazing art & design,  and lotsa beloved sites.

and today i'd love for YOU to be my tourguide - to hear YOUR fave spots you'd recommend: 
what's your favourite thing to do in NYC? places to eat? spots to stroll?  

(or if you haven't been quite yet: where would you LOVE to go in NYC?)

i'm excited to hear of new spots to discover!
yay travelling!


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  1. I love Alice's Teacup, the one on E 64th St. Mmm tea and scones!

  2. My favorite is the MET. Great Art and it's beautiful on a rainy day. Have fun!!

  3. Ooh you're coming to NYC? Let's see .. so many favorite places! I love the Neue Galerie right across from the Met, a small museum that specializes in Austrian & German art (some nice Klimts there!). They also have a great cafe on the ground floor, Cafe Sabarsky that serves authentic Vienesse food. Lovely chocolate cake! Have fun K!

  4. ooh i love your fabulous ideas, cuties! great suggestion, anne-mare, thanks!

    and me too, moira!

    oktak: wonderful! thanks so much, nicey!

  5. Lucky YOU!

    I used to go to NY every spring with work (always stayed in a swanky Hotel so that was my 1st best part!!!!)

    I love Times Square and catching a cheap Broadway show with last minute tickets. For a treat, I'd LOVE to try Momofuku's cereal milk treats! Next time!!!!!!!!


  6. Lovely post!

    Favorite museums: MoMa & The Museum of Natural History
    Favorite hidden gems: The Cloisters & Wave Hill
    Great spots for a cocktail: The Boathouse in Central Park & the Ice Rink at Gramercy Park (where the New York Public Library is (also a must-see!)
    Favorite window-shopping: Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, and any Anthropologie (the one at Rockefeller Center is one of my faves)

    I'm a native New Yorker, if you have any questions, let me know! :)


  7. oh that's fun, jenna! love those swanky hotels - and yes - so many fun folks have suggested momofuku this time! love the concept!

    thanks virginia - wonderful suggestions. the library is one of my faves, too!


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