Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the valentine's day menu recap

happy molar tooth plushie by squidhead

what did you dine on for valentine's day, sweeties?
a romantic homecooked dinner with loved ones? 
a fabulous restaurant feast with dear friends?

little rikrak, you ask?
why ... he ate his tooth! 

eek. yes - after a fun-filled valentine's day party at school where he reported eating(you'd better sit down for this menu, sweeties!)
22 cinnamon hearts
5 sugar heart cookies
4 chocolate hearts
3 chocolate kisses
(eek again!) 
(and pretty much none of his healthy lunch - ya i know - who can blame him - it's valentine's day!!) he swallowed his loose baby tooth during a "giant gummie worm" finale to the party!

how would you handle lost or *eaten* teeth with the tooth fairy?

ever happen to you as a child? 
remember what the tooth fairy did?

happy eating!

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  1. I ate one tooth with Fruit Loop cereal and left a note for the tooth fairy explaining the situation..I was rewarded with $.
    On the second occasion I lost a tooth and then could not find it to put under my pillow - I decided I would just take a white bean and try and pull it off as my tooth. I put a bit of red marker to look like blood and put it under my pillow. The tooth fairy left me a note that she was not fooled. The next night I left a note and explained I was sorry for trying to trick her, but I had lost my tooth and really wanted money for it. I got a quarter under my pillow.

  2. I love Laurie-magpie's comment about the cute...BUT I would explain that it's MUCH better to be honest...and quote Laurie's

  3. you're hilarious, laurie! love your tales of woe! (how crafty you were even as a young magpie!)

    agreed, cute we blog! how`s your cute family doing?

    thanks nicies!

  4. My son swallowed his very first wobbly tooth when were on holiday in Spain - oohh I didn't know how to console him. I had to just tell him that the tooth fairy just knows when you have lost a tooth, you don't need the actual tooth , she will know and not worry :-) x Luckily she did know and a shiny Euro appeared under his pillow - she even works if other countries you know :-) x

  5. so good to know, sweatpeas! :) thanks!


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