Thursday, February 2, 2012

decision time: eye glasses

:: top collage :: 

:: middle collage ::

:: final collage :: 


i'm on a new-glasses mission, sweeties.
it's been 8 great years (i know... too long!) with my good ol' tortoise-shell, ovaly, far-too-scratched-up frames & now i'm looking for the just right new pair of specs for me.

it's a great time for glasses wearers, don't ya think? even fashion & celebrity seem to be embracing eye-wear! thus, lots of fun styles & looks for us all.

it's exciting: i've got a new everyday look on the horizon.
but to be honest, it's daunting!
so many gorgeous styles. so many fun colours. 
choosing one look to suit all our various kinds of days & sensibilities & styles seems crazy, doesn't it?

mr. rikrak's new glasses are super dashing!  but i'm on the fence regarding my own style!

so show me your specs!
got a pic of you in yours? we'd love to see
how are you feeling about wearing eyeglasses (or not?) these days, nicies? 

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  1. Great finds! I wish the final pair wasn't paper -- I'd wear them daily!

  2. I'm new to glasses - here are mine:

  3. oh i LOVE those, amanda! such a great style - and in 2 fun colours! beautiful on you, sweetie! how are you finding life with them?! :)

    and i totally agree, jess! so good that ANYONE can enjoy fancy paper glasses, though! :)

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my "red glasses" note card!!! I am a glasses FIEND. I have at least 5 pairs that I wear regularly.

    The best advice I can give you is ZENNI OPTICAL! Seriously, the ones I'm wearing here were only $35 WITH MY LENSES :

    Lots of my friends have also ordered from Warby Parker. I probably sound like a commercial, but seriously, all hail the internet.

    Sam K.

  5. I need a new pair, too! Here's a post about my current style - . I'm thinking of these ones - Ray Ban Red

  6. oh i love your look, sam! and superthanks for all of your great advice!

    i can't seem to access that 1st link, alli - but i adore the new style you're thinking of!

    gosh glasses are great!

  7. Get big ones! Seriously. I got new ones a few years ago, and struggled so much that I got contact lenses. My glasses' lenses were too small, and I could only see if I looked down my nose. If I looked straight ahead or up - blur. I had them refitted, but they had to be so close to my eyes that my lashes dirtied them all the time.

    So now I only wear them at home, when I'm working.

  8. those paper ones are pretty awesome! I'd go with small in a great color! ;)

  9. oh dear, jesse! wise advice ( i do like BIG!)

    and alicia - many thanks! though i do have a large head :) so may have to go bigger! but fun colours = YES!

  10. Oh my gosh, you MUST check out EyeBobs! They are handmade and inexpensive and I love mine. You can buy them here: although I bought mine at the most adorable little boutique in Leixngton, KY on a vacation.

    Here are mine, and I love that the style is called Hostile Makeover:

    These are the only glasses I liked enough to replace a pair I had had for over ten years.

  11. I love glasses too! Here is the best picture of me in mine right now...
    They are half-frame steel frames with an industrial-like detail on the side. (which I don't have photos atm!)

    Vintage style glasses are quite the trend nowadays though! But I think with glasses you'll have to wear them on your face to decide whether they match your face's shape or not. So perhaps a trip to the optometrist is in order? :)

  12. oh heavens - those are WONDERFUL anne-mare! & handmade too?! brilliant!

    and i love your look, too, alex! gorgeous!

    great ideas, everyone! superthanks

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE glasses!! I have gotten mine at 3 pairs so far! Loved my first pair, turned out that I picked the right color for my eyes. I do not have any links to show myself in them, sorry.
    And I loved the 2nd pair, but they weren't as flattering as I hoped:
    They broke, so I was so excited to get to go shopping for another back-up pair and ended up with these:|M|K
    What I loved when picking out the 3rd pair was uploading a shot into the website and trying on all the different frames. So freaking fun!! Can't wait to see what you end up with!!

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