Wednesday, February 8, 2012


all images by jeanette johns

what a charming matchmaker musician & writer john k. samson is! he's set me up with a wonderful new love: the beautiful work of artist jeanette johns.

samson's  gorgeous new release provincial (you might know his work best from the fabulous  weakerthans  or his amazing lyrical book fame) is all things brilliant  (listen here on paste (my fave: *the last and*). and i'm simply adoring the beautiful cover art by jeanette johns.

isn't her work delightful?


a perfect pairing. 

what are your favourite pairings of late?
what are you listening to?
(& check out some fabulous classic album design here, too!)

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  1. I love him SO MUCH! The Weakerthans make me oh so very happy. I once saw him in a lobby at the club they were playing but was too shy to say anything. My first love gave me my first album. Sigh!

  2. oh i love that story, anne-mare! so fabulous about you being a wee bit too shy to chat! :) ain't that the way, cutie!

    happy listening!

  3. I love that album cover.

    These days I'm listening to the Decemberists and Aiden Hawken on my commutes home. They're GOOD FOR THE SOUL!!!!!!


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