Friday, March 4, 2011

we've taken the plunge!

multitasking signed original photograph by heather evans smith.


hot-diggity-dog, nicies!

well after many moons of handwashing dishes we've bought a dishwasher!
{i actually don't mind washing dishes compared to some other kinds of housework... it's certainly not-as-bad-to-me as toilet cleaning or grout scrubbing, but not quite as fun as window cleaning or vacuuming, my faves!}

granted: there's something kinda soothing about dishwashing - playing around in that warm sudsy water, right?!   but...  after careful thoughtful consideration; and in the hopes of freeing up some all-too-precious time for better familying lately {goodness knows things have been o-so-hectic around here of late!} , we've taken the dishwasher plunge again.

and wanna know a secret? i'm soooo thrilled! crazy, right, to be so excited about a domestic machine? but i can't wait!

how about you?
like to wash your dishes by hand or by machine?

either way - hope you have a great, dishes-not-piled-too-high, thank-goodness-for-certain-modern-conveniences kinda weekend, cuties.

off to fill up the bathtub with bubbles do to a couple more loads before that splendid machine arrives! 

bubbly fun to you, sweeties!
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  1. OMG - a dishwasher will change your life! I'm not even being overly dramatic here. There is something that feels lovely and productive about washing dishes by hand but the time you save NOT doing it will be even lovelier!

  2. We do have a dishwasher, but I have to admit, for the most part, I don't mind washing the dishes by hand at all. I almost drift away while cleaning them. I look out the window (over the sink) and just clean away! Enjoy your new dishwasher!


    And I'm not afraid to admit it! LOL!

    You'll love the extra time for the kids. Enjoy!!!!

  4. I'm the dishwasher in our house. My partner is a messy cook so cleaning up after him is my least favourite chore. I would be over the moon to have a dishwasher!

  5. We live in China and we do not have a dishwasher. It's among my top greatest things I look forward to having when we return to the states in a few years!

  6. I don't mind doing dishes by hand either, but WHAT a timesaver our dishwasher is.

    Especially after a big family meal! More time for FUN. Enjoy it!

  7. I lived for 10 years without a dishwasher and then got one when I had kids. It totally changed my life. I hate doing the dishes!

  8. We have a dishwasher - but must say that it is only used on the odd occasion and when we have visitors over for dinner.
    Love the photo and the thought of multitasking in the bath:)

  9. Yay for you! I think you'll wonder what you did without it for so long :)

    We lived without a dishwasher for 11 years before we bought one. I still cringe when I think of the piles of pots, pans, dishes, etc. that I tackled during holiday/big gatherings...

    I sort of like washing by hand when there's just a few little things in the sink, but that's where I draw the line! :)


  10. The dishwasher is my friend. It makes keeping the kitchen neater in a reasonable amount of time so much easier.

  11. I don't know what I would do without my dishwasher. In fact, I've joked with my hubby that if we won the lottery I would pay someone to do my dishes.
    Congrats on your new dishwasher!!

  12. Oh, to have a dishwasher that isn't me. I HATE washing silverware--piece by piece. Ick. But my tiny, tiny 1930's kitchen has no room. So I will envy you for now. :-)

    Love the bathtub scene.

    dahlila xo

  13. We couldn't use our dishwasher for months (rental+portable dishwasher=ick), so when we finally got it working normally again, it was heavenly. Of course, my husband does all the dishes (since he does not cook), so my life was not drastically changed, but the pile of dishes disappears much more quickly and our kitchen stays much nicer. It's worth having. For sure.

  14. My husband Chris does the dishes-the rule is whoever cooks doesn't clean & he still hasn't learned to cook yet! I know he was super happy when we bought a house with a dishwasher in it though; )

  15. Squeee! Congratulations!

    In the winter, I enjoy ironing. In the summer, I loathe it!

    After a while you'll love listening to the swish swish noise the DW makes! ;)

  16. I can't believe that you don't mind doing dishes! Husby and I both HATE it - and we even have a dishwasher! It's usually a standoff to see who breaks down and does them. Sometimes the dishes overflow from the sink and start piling up on the counter. It's bad. I'm ashamed. But not so ashamed that I'll start cleaning them without a fight.

  17. I have had a dishwasher for almost 2 years now and I never looked back. Each time I empty it, I think "magical" ;) And on top of saving you time, you also save on water!!!

  18. so great to hear all your cheers, lovelies! gotta say - used it twice now and LOVE it! :) stay tuned for more dishwasherly cheers!

  19. There are some things, like pots and pans, that are just easier to scrub in the sink, but running a full dishwasher actually saves water too versus washing dishes by hand! Congrats on your new appliance!


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