Tuesday, March 8, 2011

celebrating women


a day, in my opinion,  to reflect on, celebrate, remember, dream of the wonderful inroads we've made as women around the world, and the paths we hope to yet build for all women around the world.

as the IWD site perhaps says it best: good things can come from celebrating 
& working & thinking together:  awareness, change, equality

who are some amazing women you celebrate, 
especially today?
peace lovelies.

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  1. I celebrate my daughter & the lovely caring thoughtful successful woman she has become.
    She has taught me so much over the years and reminds me daily to be more accepting of things we cannot change & to ensure we celebrate all of life's little victories!

  2. Definitely my great grandma!

    It's not 100% confirmable but family history has my great-gramma (a farmwife) going to Toronto in the early 1900s to protest for the right to vote. Apparently my grandpa (her future son-in-law) had to follow her and bail her out of jail!

    Grandpa passed along the tale to my aunt who passed it along to me. - he shared it with her when she turned the voting age, so that she knew what the right to vote meant, and to never take it for granted.

  3. My OMA!

    She is a source of gentle strength everyday in my life.

    I've learned so much from her. Most of all - to laugh when all else fails!

  4. my own mom and grandmas top my list, too, nicies!

    so great to read these wonderful tales!

    yay wonder women!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!