Thursday, March 24, 2011

photo essay: at the curling rink

   { all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011 } 


now i've never curled in my life, sweeties.
but this classic winter sport has recently become part of our weekly life: little rikrak's become an avid little curler! {now i'm biased - but he's just great at it!}

part shuffleboard, part crokinole (my fave!) 
i love the symmetry on the rink. the glide & curl & colour of it all.

ever curled? 

thanks for the wintry memories, curling!
see you in the fall!

   { all images by me: kristal davis / rikrak 2011 } 


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  1. Curling is pretty huge in our family, and I love the images you captured! Also, love that your little fellow is wearing a helmet (I've lost my balance a couple of timesmthis year myself!!)

  2. We're all curlers here. Huge in our family too.

    Great photos! You should try it, RR!

  3. ooh that's fun, sarah! yes. i'm so glad for the helmets, too! thanks!

    great lori - oh gosh! me on any icy surface = not so great! my balance is terrible! i'll leave it to you curling superstars!

  4. I wouldn't know where to start with curling lol....I'm a Southern girl :-)


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