Tuesday, March 15, 2011

handmade spring dresses!

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there may still be snow 2 feet deep all around our home these days, 
but that doesn't stop us northerners from dreaming of spring!

so here's a round up of some of my favourite handmade spring dresses for girls. 
aren't they adorable!

i remember one of my very own favourite spring dresses when i was about 6. 
cotton red with navy blue pinstripes.
fabulous tiny white elephants dotting the fabric.
love it still!

have a favourite spring dress you remember fondly?
don't worry ...spring will be here soon, nicies!

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  1. So happy to be included in this lovely collection (and so ready for SPRING!) My mom recently found my easter dresses from when I was about 9/10 years old. I must say, we have come a long way in children's in fashion since the early 90's!

    www.VintageChildModern.etsy.com (Launching March 17th!)

  2. These are so pretty!

    Our Grandmother made my sisters and I matching pale pink cotton sundresses when were between 6-10. They were smocked with precious white buds. My nieces wore them last summer!

  3. These are so beautiful!
    I think my absolute favourite spring dress was red cotton with white polka dots!
    I was very upset when I grew out of it!

  4. yay! thanks for sharing your delightful spring dress memories, nicies! so great to hear!

  5. So cute! I loved getting a new Easter dress when I was a little girl!

  6. Oh, they are all so sweet! My mom and I just went fabric shopping yesterday for some cute prints to make my little bundle some spring/summer dresses! :)


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