Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 things to say


just 2 things to say today, sweeties.

:: 1 ::
you're the good-golliest - best hubby, friend, daddy, writer, professor, thinker, creative-nicey, listener, cutie, helper and all-around superstar goodguy i know and i just love ya for it!


:: 2 ::

happy birthday, sweetie.

{ ps: march is birthday month here at the rikrak homestead! seems like everyday there's candles and cakes! have a month like that in your life sweeties? }

party hats all around, nicies!
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  1. It's my birthday Month, too, so if you run out of cake and candles just do another one for me. :) Happy Birthday to all y'all.

  2. how wonderful. Cheers to Mr. Rik Rak!
    Hope it is a special week for you all!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr. Rikrak!
    He sounds like a perfect match for you!

  4. Happy birthday to your man:)
    Yes, May is our month of birthdays:)

  5. Some of the best men are born in March - my dear little Odyn just turned 2 on the 8th.

    Happy Birthday to your hubbster!

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Rikrak! March will be a big one for us...tomorrow is my daughters' birthday and her little brother will be born in about a week!

  7. aw sweet post, happy birthday to you both!

  8. Happy birthday to Mr. RikRak!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr Rikrak!

    By the way my birthday falls on 11th March and my baking sucks! November is a pretty hectic month with 3 birthdays in the family and Christmas round the corner, it's a crazy life, lol!

  10. yay! thanks so much for all of your mr. rikrak cheers ,nicies!

    you're a cutie, jenni!
    & happy bday to your odyn, itchin!

    hope you're all doing great hannah! what a month!

    and hugs all around, nicies!


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