Thursday, March 31, 2011

new threads

artwork by jillian tamaki

waddaya think?
here's a glimpse at the Penguin Books new Classic Deluxe series called * Penguin Threads * : re-issues of some of our favourite books! the covers are embroidered art designs by artist jillian tamaki ( love the details, modern colouring, and that the covers will be embossed! nicey!) . 

always love seeing great creative art on book covers.

i'm excited penguin's dedicating a whole series to these fun new covers! hope they'll be lots more!

what book cover would you love to illustrate/design?

{ first seen on the fabulous sublime stitching via the atlantic. }

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  1. I saw these the other day and I still DIE! So fantastically fabulous.

  2. Love these! I would LOVE to do the book covers for the Harry Potter series in pen and ink drawings!

    You could do them in vintage fabric, RR!

  3. agreed, lovely jenni! so fun!

    and lori - you'd be fabulous with the Harry Potter series! i'd love to see that look! maybe you can make them just for fun!

  4. OMG OMG! These are AWESOME! I cant pick a favourite, but if I totally had had had had would be the Black Beauty one :) These are awesome! Thank you for sharing!!! x
    (Am a book fanatic)

  5. Charlotte's Web seems like a perfect choice for embroidery!

  6. love that enthusiasm, niknak! :)

    and hilary - charlotte's web indeed! brilliant! {little rikrak just did a book talk on that book this week! i was so nostalgic re-reading it with him! :)

  7. These are beautiful!!! I think I would like to make the cover for To Kill a Mocking Bird.

  8. I am dying to get my hands on these!

  9. Wonderful design! Thank's for sharing! Pinguin Books are rare here in Germany, we would have never known if we wouldn't have seen it here!

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