Monday, March 21, 2011


emmarts / fluur's beautiful vintage advertising tins collection


happy spring, sweeties. 4 fun things you're wanted for! :)

:: one :: 
hope you'll come read my latest Etsy Storque Blog article here.
it's a gorgeous vintage advertising tins collection with the beautiful emmarts/fluur.

if you have a chance, please leave a cheer for gabriele over on the Etsy blog!


:: two ::

speaking of great collections: i'm looking for some to feature here and on my Etsy blog series. do you have a great, interesting collection of things you'd like to share ?? {it has to be something fun that you don't use for art or craft} ... i'm looking to feature your collection (and i'll feature your lovely work, too!) 

if yes, please let me know here in the comments what you collect and i'll be in touch.


:: three ::

my  *i love my sponsors & march* giveaway ends this thursday! hurry over to win!



:: four ::

there we go!
happy collecting & winning, cuties!
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  1. I always love reading your articles :) The tins are so fun! I collect milk glass pieces. I've found a lot myself, but I've also inherited several pieces from family members. I feel like that's a relatively common collection though :(

  2. thanks nicey! oooh i love milk glass. so pretty! i'm emailin' ya :)

  3. Love looking at everyones collections! I collect Napco and Josef Figurines. They have that cute Kitschy feel from the 50's. Plus I think it's a cute tradition to give my daughter a Josef Girl that corresponds with her birthday. Instant collection for her.

  4. oh wonderful, itchin! great idea for your daughter! off to messsage you!

  5. When my baby was born still at 38 weeks, we buried him with a stuffed elephant from my sister.

    I later learned that elephants are the ONLY land animal that can, and do, cry. Not only that but they grieve when they have a stillborn or any death.

    To keep the memory of my baby alive, I collect elephants. My goal is to have one in each room of the house.

    It isn't my main decor or anything gawdy. But if you know me and my story and you come to my know to look for the elephants. Kind of like a where's waldo. They are there. :)

    zucchinisummer at Or leave a comment on my blog.

  6. oh zucchini - what a moving story. i'm so sorry for your loss and so inspired by your beautiful words.

    off to email you. what a wonderful tale behind your collection.

  7. Congrats to rikrak! for being featured on the etsy blog. Bravo on a beautiful piece.

    I only collect vintage thread spools, but I think that falls into the "crafting" category. I too have a collection of wooden elephants, from different countries I've traveled, but with not nearly the emotion or story that is behind zucchini's. So sorry for the loss you have suffered zucchini.


  8. That advertising tin collection is a great one!

  9. I collect old wooden and metal embroidery hoops. You might be thinking, wait a minute, that's part of your craftiness. But I don't embroider, they just hang in a lovely fashion on my wall.


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